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10 Best Netflix Original Movies To Watch in 2022

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Netflix has become more popular in the recent past. Its quality services have enabled it to gain more trust and become the leading streaming service for unblocked movies and shows. Due to the rising demand, Netflix has begun creating its content, which sometimes outsmarts Hollywood blockbusters. Netflix has consistently updated its content making its library interesting for its users. Have you ever wondered what is the best movies on Netflix? Below are some of the top Netflix videos you should watch.

What are the top 10 on Netflix?


The Nightbooks features Alex, who loves creating horror stories. Alex’s writing passion makes him an outcast, discouraging him from writing again. But then, an evil witch held him in the magical New York City apartment and demanded him to tell her a new horror story every night for him to live. Inside the apartment was a prisoner who had spent her imprisonment with the witch. Each one of them wrote stories of their past destinies.

The Adam Project

The Adam Project features Ryan Reynolds traveling with a younger version of himself (Walker Scobell) to confront his father (Mark Ruffalo). Jennifer Garner acts in her mother’s role. Other characters who play a role include Zoe Saldana and Catherine Keener.

Knives out 2

With Knives out being the most watched on Netflix, It has been anticipated as the most loved movie. Daniel Craig comes back with the identity of Benoit Blanc to solve another issue with new personnel, including Catherine Hahn, Leslie Odom, Jannelle Monae, and Kate Hudson.

The Bubble

Mentioning “the bubble” reminds you of the ongoing pandemic. This was all about a comedy by Judd Apatow and featured actors in a hotel who are stuck in a pandemic bubble while creating a movie. Other casts involved are Fred Armisen, Maria Bakalova, Iris Apatow, Pedro Pascal, Keegan-Michael Key, and Leslie Mann.


Jesse Plemons, Jason Segel, and Lily Collins create an odd trio about Segel, who invaded the empty billionaire home in this thriller. However, when Plemon and his wife Collins came, the thief had no idea how to get out because he was trapped in a big windfall.

Don’t look Up

Audiences and critics had different opinions on Don’t Look Up, a catastrophic satire that had the goal of narrating the climate crisis Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence led the team as astronomers who were the first to find a comet close to the earth and possible collision. Unfortunately, the head of state and his psychopath are ignorant of what will happen. Therefore, they discredited the astronomers through the media and told them to struggle and fix everything themselves.

The Hand of God

It features actors in a hotel stuck in a pandemic bubble while creating a movie. Fred painted a beautiful portrait of his past life and family in Naples back in the 1980s. Fabbietto Schisa is still young and doesn’t understand the fate of his future life. Between beautiful instances like Diego Maradona’s arrival, Fabietto considers his life as a lonely person through fate.

Army of Thieves

Army of thieves is a trailblazer to Zach Snyder’s Army of The Dead. However, in the Army of Thieves, zombies are secondary. Instead, this highlights the origin of Matthias Schweighöfer, an experienced safecracker who was previously an unassuming bank teller known as Sebastian Schlecht-Wöhnert. During the start of Zombie destruction, Gwendoline Starr persuades Sebastian to organize a group to rob a billionaire.

The Power of the Dog

Benedict Cumberbatch is well known as the beguiling rancher Phil Burbank in this sensational, simmering western. Phil and his brother Jesse Plemons ran one of the most profitable ranches of Montana in 1925. At one time, the two met a proprietress, Rose, who was a widow in a local inn. Phil threatens her, and she cries while George comes. Later, George made up his mind to marry Rose, and an argument emerged between the two brothers, which made Rose’s son suspicious.


You would be surprised to learn that Passing is almost a century old. Rebecca Hall replaces Nella Larsen’s story but maintains the original setting. The film is displayed in black and white to create a unique choice. It is all about two black women, Clare Kendry and Irene Redfield, who can “pass” as white. But only Clare made up his mind and married a rich white man, John Bellew. On the other hand, Irene retained her black identity and married Dr. Brian Redford. However, Irene and Clare’s choices might haunt them when they re-enter each other’s lives after many years apart.

How do you access Netflix’s blocked libraries?

You must have noticed that shows & movies will vary depending on your region. Therefore, use an appropriate website unblocker for full access. It would help if you set up a VPN for Netflix to enjoy unblocked Netflix. If you are restricted from accessing your favorite movies, VPN will significantly help you unlock Netflix. The libraries vary from one location to another, but the US one is the largest region with the fastest veePN. To access libraries, a VPN server in the US, or a free trial with a 30 days return policy, will give you access to watch your best movies on Netflix. On the other hand, you can use VPN to access blocked sites without any restriction.

Final thought

Netflix is the leading platform with a wide range of content. Have you ever thought about what new movie is coming out in 2022? Find out from our annual updates as new releases come up. We hope that what we have listed down for you was helpful.

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Author: Kathy Spencer

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