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4 Must-See Gambling Movies You Might Have Missed

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Ever since we can remember, gambling writers and movie producers have looked to the industry for inspiration. The theme behind gambling is what attracts so many people and the idea of being able to win a fortune at any moment is a powerful psychological tool. Gambling Movies tend to give people the urge to indulge in the real deal; which has helped grow the popularity of gambling.

So that nowadays, not only is there a resurgence in the numbers of visiting land-based casinos, but there is slowing down in the online casino world as well. This is the case with established and trusted brands, a perfect example being Royal Vegas Canada. Therefore, it is no wonder that several movies have been produced through the years with gambling being part of the plot. And it then stands to reason, there may be a few that we might have missed, but should see for sure.

Oceans Eleven

Debatably one of the best gambling-based movies of all time if not the best. This star-studded movie was directed by Academy Award-winner Steven Soderbergh. The film consists of some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon.

The movie is about a con man named Danny Green who is released early from prison but soon returns to his old ways. Upon his release, he puts together a crew to target three Las Vegas casinos. They plan to steal $160,000,000 but that is not enough for Green as he tries to win his ex-wife back in the process. It is certainly a fun movie to watch and if it wasn’t good then it wouldn’t have three sequels.

The Sting

This is a 1973 classic that could never get old, having won seven Academy Awards and Best Picture in the same year as its release. The story is about a group of grifters who use the Depression to their advantage and pull off an elaborate scheme to challenge an underworld boss. The heroes are played by the brilliant Paul Newman and Robert Redford. They eventually pull off their well put together plan with help from a crew of con-men. If you never watched this classic you have missed out and should seriously give this a try.

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Hard Eight

In 1996 Hard Eight was released and was an instant classic about a former pro gambler who was out of the game for a long time. The movie has a sense of black humor to it that is sure to give you anyone a proper laugh. It also involved high stake casino gambling that is brought to the forefront of the film. Paul Thomas hit an absolute goldmine with Hard Eight which was made even bigger with actors such as John C Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow and Samuel L Jackson.

Molly’s Game

Gambling Movies - Molly's Game

Molly’s Game is a fairly recent movie that was released in 2017 and is based around the gambling. It has all the characteristics for one day becoming a well-known classic. The movie is based on an autobiographical book that is a true story about a 26-year-old woman who created a highly exclusive and high stakes underground poker game. The woman behind it all is known as Molly and she runs two underground poker games.

Be sure not to miss out on any of these movies as any spare time you might have and might not know what to do, now you do. These are movies that could keep anyone entertained and wanting more. It is surely going to play on anyone’s urge to get involved in the gambling industry.

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Author: Fred Anderson

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