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5 Horse Racing Movies That Should Not Be Missed

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Horse racing is a sport that is loved by many. In India, fans of the sport gather for events such as the Indian 2000 Guineas in Mumbai. Anyone who loves the excitement of the track should enjoy the action in some of the best horse racing films that have been made.

There is something to admire about each of the films in this list of five. If you have not already seen them you should take a look, if you get the opportunity.

Seabiscuit (2003)

Seabiscuit is one of the most famous horse racing movies ever made. It tells the story of an underdog horse that triumphs against all odds. This theme of an underdog doing well is a tried and tested one that has proved popular with audiences many times over the years. Seabiscuit is no different. It’s an uplifting and powerful tale of the impact one horse can have on the lives of many people.

Let it Ride (1989)

Richard Dreyfuss has had many successful cinematic outings including this feel-good comedy about a gambler who experiences the luckiest day of his life at a race meeting. For anyone who likes to bet at the track or at a sportsbook like comeon betting, this story is the thing of dreams. A normally unlucky gambler is more successful than he has ever been, and takes the audience along for a fun ride.

Dreamer (2005)

This is an inspirational movie that shows how a horse can have a massive positive effect on the people who surround it. Aside from the equine star of the film, the main characters are a father played by Kurt Russell, and his young daughter. They develop a closer relationship as they nurse a horse back to winning ways.

National Velvet (1944)

Elizabeth Taylor is one of the best-known movie stars of all time and she shines in this film, in a role which was one of her early ones on the big screen. Taylor is Velvet Brown, a young girl who rides a horse to victory in the Grand National; the biggest horse race in the UK.

Phar Lap (1983)

Anyone who loves horse racing and movies should definitely check out this film. It’s an emotional tale that tells the true story of the horse Phar Lap. This was a horse that was raised to be successful but suffered a tragic death that happened in mysterious circumstances.

The death of Phar Lap brings a touch of sadness to this movie. However, this should not put people off seeing the film. It’s an uplifting tale in parts and it shows just how close the relationship between a horse and its owner and jockey can be.

These movies all show a different side of horse racing. Some examine the relationship between a horse and the people around it. Others take a look at the life of a gambler who bets at the race track. There is something to admire and entertain in each of these stories.

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