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5 Love Languages: Secrets of Love

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There are quarrels in relationships between a man and a woman. Partners often express the same thing in different ways, because of which there is a misunderstanding and, as a consequence, a conflict. This is quite natural because all people are different. For the relationship to bring joy, they must be filled with a sense of love. To do this, you need to express your love for partners in a language that they understand.

Communication and interaction with other people, allows a person to feel significant, that is, something worthwhile. We feel our appreciation when we feel that we are loved. Five languages of love help express love. But again, we are all different and the language in which we understand love also different.

Beautiful words

Praise brings joy. Thank your loved ones for help, give them compliments and encouraging words (for example, I’m with you or I know how to help you). People often don’t dare to take any action, and the words of a loved one can serve as an incentive. Speak in a kind, friendly tone. For people with such a basic language of love, words of apology are very important. Ask for forgiveness if you behaved badly. Your partners are waiting for these words and will forgive you because they will see that you love them. By the way, if you don’t know how to find a foreign wife, then try to start a dialog with pleasant words.


For those who love through the prism of touch, there is nothing more important than tactile contact, words are always in second place. It is through hugs, kisses, walks by the hand and the like, they consider real intimacy. The tactile receptors of such people are very sensitive. They always try to touch the partners and are offended when they don’t do it. Therefore, it is important to always maintain physical contact.


One of the most important things is just to be with your soulmate, walk, talk, do something together. But this time should belong only to two. It is important to feel each other at the moment, not to be distracted by other matters and concerns, not to rush. The desire to quickly end the conversation will be surely noticed and may offend your partner more than anything else. It is also very important for

someone to feel that a partner is sincerely interested in their life, asks questions, sympathizes, but doesn’t give moralizing and advice. The ability to listen and support are important qualities for someone who wants to build harmonious relationships.


A gift is another basis of love. If the main language of love is “gifts,” then people will be happy and proud of gifts from their soulmates. By the way, if “gifts” are the main language, then their price doesn’t matter. It is just a manifestation of care and attention. Beloved people who are nearby become a gift themselves in difficult times.


Someone likes to cope with all problems on their own but not the one for whom help is the main language of love. Such a person is also always ready to help and expects the same from the significant other. Help can relate to absolutely any area of life. People often may well cope with the task themselves. But it is much more important for them to see that partners are ready to do this for them. If you ignore the requests of a soulmate who appreciates the help, you can offend your loved one very much.

In difficult times, it is necessary to express love! Now you know how each of the five languages of love manifests, and it’s time to find out what language of love you and your partner speak. These recommendations will also help straighten your relationships and understand each other better.

Author: Kate Baker

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