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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about David Lynch’s Blue Velvet

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You either get David Lynch or you don’t. You either buy his sense of surreal or you shy away. There has rarely been a middle ground when it comes to his works over the past decades. You either embrace them while showering glories or detest them in the names of being abnormal and cynical. But such are the powers of his dark and twisted creations that they can never be ignored.

Blue Velvet is a surreal cinema at its most lovely. Mystic threads lay loose in the lonely bars, streets smelling of rotten violence and sliced ears to shrouded plays of twisted desires – the randomness of darkness in man’s heart never ceases to amaze. It’s like a step away from reality, like a dream inside a dream. It’s like being tethered to a pervert’s enthralling vision which is piercingly and shockingly beautiful. Perfectly lit, marvelously lush and gorgeously seductive, David Lynch suffuses enough cinematic wonders in Blue Velvet that it feels like an aromatic love letter to the movie aficionados.

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We have listed 5 things you probably didn’t know about Lynch’s Blue Velvet: 

1. Roy Orbison initially rejected David Lynch’s request to use the song “In Dreams” in the brothel scene. Lynch found a way to legally use the song which anyway and Orbison did not discover the song was in the movie until Orbison just happened to see the movie in a California theatre. Orbison eventually filmed a video for the song that was produced by Lynch with footage from the movie.

2. Isabella Rossellini was naked under her velvet robe when she did the “ritualistic rape scene”, a fact that her partner Dennis Hopper was not aware of until the cameras started rolling and his co-actor opened her legs for him to kneel between. This scene was the very first time the two of them ever worked together.

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3. The character of Frank was to breathe helium at various intervals in David Lynch’s original script, but Dennis Hopper suggested this be changed to amyl nitrite which he knew was used to enhance sexual experiences. Hopper only realized years later how bizarre the concept of a helium-breathing maniac talking with a high voice was. Lynch, however, felt that using helium might elicit laughter in the audience which would have been undesirable.

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4. The movie’s line “Don’t you fucking look at me!” was voted as the #74 of “The 100 Greatest Movie Lines” by Premiere in 2007.

5. In interviews, David Lynch has told of how Dorothy’s nude scene was inspired by a childhood memory of his, when he and his brother, going home from school, came across a dazed naked woman walking down the street. Lynch has said that it made him cry and left a profound impression on him. Besides the impact on his life of the naked lady, Lynch says that the image of a severed ear and the mood of Bobby Vinton’s ‘Blue Velvet’ song were two other major inspirations.

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