Quentin Tarantino is one of the best directors in Hollywood known for his action-packed movies. He started his career in 1992 by appearing in a scene in the movie Reservoir Dogs. The term Tarantinoesque describes an ego-driven more of film production that features high violence, melodious dialogues, and disparate storylines that make it a powerful entertainment package. 

Drawing from a mysterious well of knowledge, Tarantino shifted from a screenwriter to an outstanding director. While some people saw Tarantino’s movies as a package of banter and violence, his movies are based on observation, morality, and civilization. There are many reasons why his films earned a vivid presence in American cinema for over 25 years. 

Django Unchained

Django Unchained is the story of a freed slave who sets out to free his enslaved wife. The movie has Tarantino dialogues and great performances by the characters. It is the highest-grossing film directed by Tarantino earning over $425 million worldwide. 

The movie was nominated for 5 Oscar awards and managed to win 2 of them: Best Supporting Actor (Christoph Waltz) and Best Original Screenplay. The best part of the movie is that there is a pivotal and tense scene in which Kerry Washington and Waltz speak in coded German language making it appear an emotionally sophisticated movie. 

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is another best film directed by Quentin Tarantino. It is a heist movie, just because of budgetary concerns. We never see a heist, but only the aftermath whether it’s a business or bank. The movie is about the process of a robbery and not the aftermath. 

As the filmmaking is still crackling and head-turning, this does not transcend its genre movie trappings to become something more like Tarantino’s best movies. Watching the movie Reservoir Dogs feels like a wildly talented young film producer warming up for better and bigger things. 

Kill Bill Vol. 1

The first Kill Bill was anything but filler. Tarantino has one eye on cult classics of yore. The Kill Bill volume 1 borrows its sword fight from the 1973 exploitation flick – Lady Snowblood. Despite the need to do the heavy lifting of setting up The Bride’s quest for revenge against David Carradine, it’s the best of two films. 

Thurman has been open about her challenging experiences in shooting, including a car crash that was about to kill her, and some of her fear and angst can also be seen in her ferocious performance in the movie. 

Death Proof

Death Proof was released as one half of the double bill “Grindhouse” with Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror”. It’s the story of a stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) who terrorizes beautiful women with his car. From technical blemishes to the cardboard characters to the violence and sexuality, everything is spot on. Despite the deficiencies in the movie, including a hard attempt to recreate the sensation of being missing the reels of footage, Death Proof has aged very well. 

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Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is one of the few movies in the history of Hollywood that stand as dividing lines between one and another generation. It’s a crime thriller that turned its actors into rock stars. The film has nonlinear storytelling and dialogue-heavy screenplays. Although Pulp Fiction is the defining film of the 90s era, the movie doesn’t feel stuck in that era, nor in any other specific place or time. 

From the New French Wave to action-packed kung fu movies Tarantino managed to create an ageless, immortal himself that will stay cool forever. Except for the typically bloody climax, it’s a great movie to get into Tarantino’s heart. Anyone would not feel bad spending their three hours watching the movie. 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

This is Tarantino’s most personal film to date, in a surprisingly people-pleasing ninth feature as he eulogizes a gone era. The 2 hr 45 mins runtime might sound excessive, but there are tons of boundless pleasures viewers can find here. Among those pleasures, one is that of the late Luke Perry and DiCaprio which is one of the best scenes in the film. 

Di Caprio was seen commanding the screen as great as Rick Dalton while Pitt played his second-best banana stunt double with the presence no one can rival to date. Their bromance has a sense of sweetness which viewers fell for.  

Kill Bill Vol. 2

Some viewers argue that Kill Bill Vol. 2 is the more complete movie of the duology, but the fact is that despite the movie boasting superior dialogues and a mature storyline, it’s not as memorable as Volume 1. Rather than the sword slaying at the tea house, anime action, and The Pussy Wagon, it has eye gouging and coffin breakouts. 

Everything in the film is great but not quite manically fun. Moreover, the spaghetti western tropes are a core feature of Tarantino movies – were not as vibrant as the wild Japanophilia of the 1st entry. 

Summing Up

These were the seven best Quentin Tarantino movies you can watch in your free time. All these movies are full of action and adventure. However, some movies may have extreme violence. So, it’s better to watch their trailers or short clips to have an idea of what is there in the complete movie. Watching Tarantino movies enables you to take a break from routine life and get immersed in some action and adventure right from your living room. 

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