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7 Favorite Villains from The MCU

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What’s the point of having a hero when there is no villain in the story? Villains give meaning to all the qualities a hero possesses. Imagine how boring it would be if there were nothing to stop a positive force from doing a good deed. It would all feel more like a fairytale, albeit even in fairytales we often have a character who embodies the negative life force making things difficult and adverse – mostly for others – adding new twists and turns to the otherwise rather plain storyline. A worthy opponent or adversary allows the hero in the story to suffer a setback from which the hero then rises like a phoenix. The MCU has created some cool and next level villains who either seek revenge, control of the universe or want to prove they and their ideas are the perfect way to create a flawless world. You can watch many of these villains in movies using Cable TV and internet services by Local Cable Deals.

Here is a spotlight on my favorite villains from the Marvel Cinematic Universe:



Mystique who is also known as Raven Darkholme has the mutant ability to shape-shift and transform her body at will. Also, Mystique is one of the mutants who are immune to age or injury and can go almost anywhere and become anyone she comes in contact with. She is depicted as the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants and fights for the survival of her race along with Magneto and many other mutants.


kingpin MCU Villain 02

The Marvel Universe is full of criminal masterminds who control all the criminal activities in the city. One such character who we are talking about here is Daredevil’s Kingpin, also known as Wilson Fisk. Wilson Fisk is one of the individuals included among the most powerful crime lords in the world who prove their might consistently. His wealth and resources make him an untouchable entity for the law enforcement agencies as well as the politicians. He also commands an army of thugs and hired guns who make his regime invincible. Wilson Fisk has also overpowered Marvel heroes including Spider-Man and the Daredevil.


ultron MCU Villain 03

Ultron or Junior (the name given to Ultron by Tony Stark) was an AI-based Peacekeeping Program – Tony Stark created the program by decrypting the code originating from the Mind Stone for which the Loki’s Scepter served as the original containment vessel. Tony and Bruce Banner retooled it to protect the Earth from all kinds of future threats posed by any extraterrestrial or domestic entities.

Ultron would possess different host bodies and take them under his control besides assuming a variant of Stark’s personality. Ultron considered humanity as one of the biggest threats to life and peace on Earth and attempted to initiate a genocide against mankind. However, abandoned by his allies Ultron was later on destroyed by Vision leaving the publics’ perspective of the Avengers heading in a new direction which eventually led to the creation of the Sokovia Accords.

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Doctor Octopus

Doctor Otto Octavius, also known as Doctor Octopus, turned out to be a brilliant mind. A respected nuclear physicist, inventor, lecturer, and atomic research consultant, Doctor Otto, designed an advanced set of mechanical arms which could be controlled by using a brain-computer interface. These arms were essentially created to assist him with his research in the field of atomic physics. Resistant to radiation, the arms were quite strong as well. The Doctor claimed the idea of tentacle arms was an inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s famous pencil sketch named the Vitruvian Man. When an accidental radiation leak ended in an explosion, the mechanical arms fused into Otto’s body. And later, it was revealed the radiation had mutated his brain. Doctor Otto also conceived the Sinister Six and was well known as a villain with a high profile life of crime thereafter.


Galactus MCU Villain 05

Galactus was a humanoid entity named Galan born in the paradise-like world on planet Taa – a planetary world that boasted the most advanced civilization in the universe. After the Big Bang, the whole universe collapsed into a ‘Cosmic Egg’, yet Taa’s civilization somehow survived. Galan, a space explorer, set out on the mission to find the means to save Taa but his effort was in vain. Taa was ultimately destroyed along with a major part of the planet’s population. Galan proposed to the survivors to die a death of glory and that they must pilot one of the starships right into the core of the ‘Cosmic Egg’. Passengers of the starship were killed although Galan not only survived but also found himself filled with new energy.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom MCU Villain 06

Victor Von Doom, also known as Dr. Doom, was a science associate of Reed Richards who became Richards’ rival too. Victor was born and raised in Latveria somewhere in Eastern Europe. And Reed Richards approached him to fund a space mission to continue his research on the Big Bang. That was when Richards realized his former girlfriend Sue Storm (later known as the Invisible Girl) was working for Victor. Victor was still in the spaceship when the Fantastic Four got exposed to a cosmic dust cloud, but he did absorb certain effects of the foreign substance and started transforming into a metallic humanoid. As time passed he became capable of harnessing electrical energy. He adopted the persona of Doom, wore a green cloak, and adorned a metal mask. He kidnapped Reed and was about to freeze him when he was stopped by Ben Grimm.


Thanos MCU Villain 07

Thanos or the Mad Titan was a genocidal warlord from the planet Titan. His main objective originated from the philosophy that if you want to bring stability to the universe you have to eliminate or decimate half of its population. To achieve his goal, he started with the quest of tracking down the Infinity Stones – he would harness their power to eliminate half of the population in the universe only by snapping his fingers.

He allied with Ronan the Accuser and Loki to complete the task but suffered heavy losses because of their failures. Eventually, he forced Eitri to create an Infinity Gauntlet and one by one add the Infinity Stones to it. Once he succeeded in his mission he destroyed the six Infinity Stones and lived in peace. He was defeated when the Avengers and 1000s of heroes revived because of a Time Heist suggested by Ant-Man and the brilliant Tony Stark. Thanos’ resistance was futile. And Tony Stark got hold of the Nano Gauntlet – he snapped his fingers and eliminated the entire army being led by Thanos.

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