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A celebration of Love and Life: Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum (2016) and La La Land (2016)

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An article celebrating these two magical films Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum (2016) and La La Land (2016). The striking unity that this year’s Academy award winner shares with the Tamil film is the lead characters’ search to attain their dreams and the emotional ride in the journey. This article’s intention isn’t comparing the two films, instead to try and effectively juxtapose the instances visually, lyrically and musically. Read on.

It ain’t often you come across someone sharing similar traits as that of you, in the business of chasing dreams. This very fact, naturally contributes to a spontaneous affinity to that someone to such an extent that they start viewing your dreams as theirs, expecting no returns. Successful or not may be the pursuit of their dreams, they try and lend you all the possible support to overcome the odds. After all you both have one thing in unison, being honest dreamers.

“Someone in the crowd
Could be the one you need to know
The one to finally lift you off the ground”

A glance filled with gratitude towards that someone, having gained confidence that you aren’t alone in the road towards your goal. The moment of overwhelming euphoria that you have somehow realized the gravity of the opportunity given to you and the essentiality to grab it and use it to the best of yourself.

“அக்கம்பக்கம்பார் (Look around you)
அம்மாஅப்பாயார்? (Who are your parents?)
சுற்றும்முற்றும்பார் (Look around you)
உன்சொந்தம்பந்தம்யார்?” (Where are your relatives?)

The traditional ‘butterfly in my stomach’ sensation that is clichéd to exist in such an interview situation gets intensified because of the happenings that preceded. Thanks to the need to perform, not in a ‘do or die’ manner, but rather to make that someone feel proud of ourselves, to not make their selfless efforts go in vain, and of course to give them a tight hug of infinite gratitude uttering the good news that you’ve succeeded.

“ஏனோதானோவாஏதும்ஆகாது (Life is dry as a desert)
காடோமேடோவாகானல்வாராது (There is no sign of prosperity)
ஆஹாஆஹாஒருநட்டம்ஆகாது (There is no loss)
ஆஹாஆஹாவட்டம்தீராது” (This is an endless circle)

An ecstatic state is attained, after having the taste of success finally; the one for which you have been running throughout your life. But still, there prevails an unusual void because of that someone who’s being badly missed by you over here; that one who deserves as much credits as you in the successful journey.

“ஏன்எப்போவும்ஏதோதனிமை (Turn away the loneliness from life)
வாஅதற்காகவிழாஎடுப்போம்” (Let’s celebrate the small things in life)

Years pass, weather changes. The only thing which remains without a change is the void, which has only deepened. The eyes which were in a constant state of wandering, in order to see that someone has almost halted, with disappointment.

“சாய்ந்திடும்மாலைநிழல்களுமே (As the Sun goes down the horizon)
பார்த்திடும்போதேமறைந்திடுமே (Our shadow starts to disappear)
நாட்களும்தேதியும்நிரந்தரமா (Dates and lanes are the same, always)
தினம்தினம்போய்வருமே” (They are the same, every day)

The heart badly wants that someone to celebrate and share the success alongside you. The longing reaches a state where you wish they appear at least in your dreams to feel happy for your life. After all, success and dreams work the best when shared.

“பாதிகனாவினில்தூங்கிவிடு (Sleep halfway through a dream)
மீதியவாழ்ந்திடலாம்” (Let’s live the rest of the dream)

After reaching the threshold of searching, in a moment of total unexpectedness, we get to meet that person for who all those lonely years we were waiting for. The eyes meet with a mixture of shock, confusion, peace and above all happiness. That look in their eyes you’ve been waiting to see. A moment to be cherished for all dreamers out there after having finally made that someone proud and happy.

“City of stars
Just one thing everybody wants
It’s love
Yes, all we’re looking for is love from someone else”

“Here’s to the ones who dream
Foolish as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that ache
Here’s to the mess we make”

“மொத்தத்தில்எல்லாம்கண்ணுலதான்தம்பி (The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder)
பூலோகம்முங்கும்அன்புலதான்பொங்கி” (The world will drench in abundant love)

Here’s to Damien Chazelle. Here’s to Nalan Kumarasamy. Here’s to Mia Dolan. Here’s to Yazhini. Here’s to Sebastian. Here’s to Kathiravan. Here’s to dreams.  And here’s to life.

P.S: 1. Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum (2016) is the official remake of the 2010 South Korean film ‘My dear desperado’, written and directed by Kim Kwang-sik.
2. English lyrics are quoted from various songs of the movie La La Land written by Pasek and Paul.
3. Tamil lyrics are quoted from the song “Akkam Pakkam” from the movie Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum, written by Thaamarai.

Author: Arjun Murugesan

Engineer by profession, a full time cinephile by passion. A psychedelic dreamer always on the muse for movies. Budding writer always introspecting films.

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