The show is about a young woman who is eager to do well in all aspects of her life, including school and work. Her love life, on the other hand, is a mess. The show is about her different relationships with men as she searches for love.

A La Carte Season 2 Cast & Characters Explained:

Kendall Kyndall as Reign Moore

In Season 2 of ” La Carte,” Kendall Kyndall plays the important role of Reign Moore. Along with Shyra and Misha, Reign is an important part of Mahogany’s inner group. Kyndall’s great acting will give Reign Moore more depth and growth, making him a key character in the next season.

Shani Marq as Misha Taylor

Shani Marq steps into the shoes of Misha Taylor, a character previously portrayed by Jessie Woo in the first season. Marq’s compelling portrayal in the Season 2 trailer hints at an outstanding performance. Misha’s character evolution promises to be a captivating element of the show’s narrative.


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India Love

Social media sensation India Love joins the cast of “À La Carte” Season 2, adding a new dimension to the storyline. While details about her character remain closely guarded, fans can expect India Love to play a pivotal role, given her reputation for excellence from her work on “College Hill: Celeb Edition.”

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The Supporting Cast:

Beyond the spotlighted cast members, Season 2 of “À La Carte” boasts an ensemble of talented actors, including Alex Jacke, Tammy Rivera, Romeo Miller, Tami Roman, Kandi Burruss as Nicole, Leon Fleisher, and Aspen Kennedy. Each supporting cast member adds a unique flavor to the series, ensuring a diverse and engaging viewing experience.


Season 2 of “À La Carte” dives into the complicated world of dating for Black millennials, giving a new and approachable view. The story is about Mahogany, a 25-year-old woman who is played beautifully by Pauline Dyer, who is missing from this season. Mahogany’s life is turned upside down when she falls in love with the man of her dreams, Kaleb, and finds out he is already taken. Mahogany is used to being number one, so being number two is something new for her. The series takes viewers on a roller coaster ride through the messed-up dating lives of Black millennials. It’s funny, dramatic, and has a touch of truth that makes it relatable to people from all walks of life.

A La Carte Season 2 Release Date:

The releaese date of Season 2 of “À La Carte” is September 14, 2023.

Where to Watch A La Carte Season 2?

You can catch all the excitement exclusively on ALLBLK, the premier destination for top-notch entertainment.

Episodes Listing:

  • Leftovers
  • Eat with Your Eyes
  • Just Desserts
  • Picky Eaters
  • Boiling Over
  • A Full Plate
  • Secret Menus
  • Special Delivery
  • Soul Food
  • Glutton

Watch the trailer here:

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