A Safari Romance: Cast & Characters Explained, Release Date, Time, Plot, Where to Watch & Other Details

A Safari Romance Cast

Megan Henry, a grounded wildlife biologist, is the lead character in the Hallmark Channel movie A Safari Romance, which is set to air in 2023 and tells the story of how she is forced into working with Tim Ericson, a theme park designer, to build an extravagant safari attraction. Megan and Tim start developing feelings for one another while they are working together, but their unique histories and the competing demands of their jobs put a strain on their ability to be together. A Safari Romance has a cast that is led by the charismatic Andrew Walker and the talented Brittany Bristow and is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of adventure and emotion.

Release Date:

Prepare to be whisked away on a fascinating journey as “A Safari Romance” graces the screens on August 12, 8 pm ET/PT, exclusively on Hallmark Channel. As the summer night’s air is filled with the promise of adventure and love, “A Safari Romance” promises to be a cinematic escape that resonates with the wild and tender aspects of the heart.ย 


The storyline unfolds around Megan, portrayed by Brittany Bristow, a dedicated research scientist pursuing her passion in the lush landscapes of South Africa. With her role as a ranger on a nature reserve, she’s living her dream while immersing herself in a Ph.D. program in Ethology. When Tim, an American theme park designer portrayed by Andrew Walker, enters her world, an unexpected connection forms.

As the two get into the African savanna, witnessing majestic creatures like giraffes, elephants, and lions in their natural habitat, their hearts open up. Sharing their dreams and aspirations, a deep bond blossoms between them. However, their newfound affection faces a tumultuous test with the arrival of Amy, a woman from Tim’s past, whose disruptive actions jeopardize Megan’s job and the tender romance that’s begun to flourish.

A Safari Romance Cast & Characters Explained:

The cast of “A Safari Romance” includes an array of exceptional individuals. Andrew Walker, a familiar face in films for the Hallmark Channel, once again brings his charming and charismatic presence to the big screen. Walker’s portrayal of Tim gives the character depth and makes him more approachable than he would be otherwise. His past work includes more than 20 Hallmark movies.ย 

Brittany Bristow, who got her start in the acting profession at a young age and is best recognized for her work as the host of National Geographic’s Wildlife Quest, shines in the role of Megan. Her performance brilliantly depicts both the resoluteness and the fragility of a scientist who is caught between her ambitions and the things that matter to her heart.

Simonรฉ Pretorius, Samke Makhoba, Maxx Monticoe, and Nthati Moshesh play supporting roles in the drama that is unfolding. Their performances add layers of mystery and passion to the story as it progresses.

Where to Watch A Safari Romance?

As the savanna becomes a backdrop for love and self-discovery, Hallmark Channel remains the exclusive home for “A Safari Romance.” Cable subscribers can indulge in this heartwarming tale as it airs. If you want more options, you can watch it on Sling TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Philo, Frndly TV, DirecTV Stream, and Vidgo. All these offer access to Hallmark Channel. Furthermore, a delightful surprise awaits on the Peacock streaming platform, where “A Safari Romance” can also be enjoyed, extending the reach of this endearing tale.

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