“A Widow Seduced” tells an unsettling tale about love, betrayal, and a secret past. This mystery story looks at how weak a grieving widow is and how dangerous it can be to date online when a relationship that seems perfect turns into a nightmare. Here’s everything you need to know about A Widow Seduced. Learn about the A Widow Seduced cast and characters, its release date, plot, where you can watch it, and other details.

A Widow Seduced Cast & Characters:

The cast of A Widw Seduced is as follows:

  • Natalie Brown: Plays Kellie Gibson
  • Gray Powell: Plays Dan Smith
  • Erin Agostino: Plays Sasha
  • Jamie Spilchuk: Plays Jack Gibson
  • Sima Sepehri: Plays Mona
  • Ann Pirvu: Plays Christine
  • Annie Briggs: Plays Alana
  • Christine L. Nguyen: Plays Justine


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Following the tragic loss of her husband, Kellie Gibson finds solace in her career. However, a lingering loneliness compels her to venture into the world of online dating. There, she encounters a charismatic and wealthy businessman who seems to be everything she’s looking for. He showers her with affection, whisks her away on romantic getaways, and promises a future filled with happiness.

Blinded by love and his charming facade, Kellie falls deeply for this man. But as their relationship intensifies, unsettling inconsistencies begin to surface. Unexplained absences, cryptic phone calls, and evasive answers about his past plant seeds of doubt in Kellie’s mind. Driven by a growing unease and fueled by warnings, Kellie embarks on a dangerous investigation to uncover the truth about Dan.

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Her pursuit of the truth leads her down a rabbit hole of secrets and hidden agendas. As she delves deeper, she discovers a web of lies and a past more twisted than she could have imagined. Danger lurks around every corner, threatening not only her newfound happiness but also her life and the safety of her son.

Release Date

The release date of “A Widow Seduced” is February 4, 2024, at 8/7c.

Where to Watch A Widow Seduced? 

You can watch “A Widow Seduced” on Lifetime.

Watch the trailer here

The trailer is not available for the movie. You can directly watch the movie on Lifetime.

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