Fans of “Abbott Elementary” are looking forward to Episode 3 because of what happened in the previous episode, which was very interesting. In Episode 2, things get serious when Principal Ava Coleman comes back to school with a new attitude.

This is followed by big changes like Janine Teagues taking over school operations with her new colleagues from the district. When Career Day and surprising love turns were added, they kept the show’s comedic spirit while adding a lot of fun. Here’s the “Abbott Elementary” Season 3, Episode 3 Preview that covers everything you need to know.

What happened in Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 2?

  • Principal Ava Coleman returns to school with a serious and professional demeanor after pursuing a degree at Harvard over the summer.
  • Janine Teagues is now part of the school district, overseeing operations along with new colleagues Manny, Emily, and Simon.
  • The new school district employees aim to bring fresh perspectives, introducing initiatives like distributing iPads and organizing Career Day on the first day of school.
  • Flashbacks reveal the uncertain romantic situation between Janine and Gregory, with Gregory deciding they should remain friends despite Janine’s confession of feelings.
  • Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts makes a special guest appearance during Career Day via video conference.
  • Melissa Schemmenti’s relationship takes a serious turn as she has to break up with her boyfriend, Fary, on Career Day.
  • The episode maintains Abbott Elementary’s signature comedy while advancing previous plotlines and developing characters.
  • Career Day injects excitement into the school atmosphere, with district representatives sharing insights about their professions.
  • Janine struggles between her new responsibilities and her sentimental attachment to her old classroom, where Ms. Lee substitutes.
  • Mr. Johnson brings humor to Jacob’s class during Career Day.
  • A surprise video call livens up Melissa’s classroom, leading to significant decisions for her and Gary.
  • The episode ends with a touching moment between Janine and Gregory, marking a reconnection after a period of limited communication.

Where can I stream Abbott Elementary Season 3, Episode 3?

You can watch “Abbott Elementary” Season 3, Episode 3 on Hulu.

Release date & time:

The release date of “Abbott Elementary” (Season 3) Episode 3 is February 14, 2024. The normal release time is at 9 p.m. on ABC, but sometimes it might face some changes.

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What to expect from ‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 3 Episode 3?

In Episode 3 of “Abbott Elementary,” viewers can expect the following things:

  • Gregory is unsure what to do when kids start hanging out in his classroom during lunch, which is a new problem for him to deal with.
  • Barbara is shocked when she learns that Tariq is dating the mother of one of her children. This could lead to both comedic and serious moments.
  • When Janine and Jacob try to hire an American Sign Language (ASL) speaker, they might run into some funny problems and problems along the way.
  • The next episode will probably keep looking at how things work at school while adding funny and touching moments.

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