As expected, “Gen V,” the spin-off of the widely acclaimed show “The Boys,” has taken the streaming world by storm. Before you dive into the exciting world of “Gen V,” you might notice that some characters from the original show have made cameos in the first three episodes. This article goes into detail about these well-known figures and how they fit into the story of “Gen V.”

What is ‘Gen V’ All About?

Before getting into the cool cameos, it’s essential to know what “Gen V” is about. The show is about Marie Moreau, a young superheroine or supe with the unique power to control blood. Marie starts a thrilling journey to fulfill her dream of attending Godolkin University, a prestigious school led by the terrifying Vought. Her search for fame and identity quickly draws her into a complicated plot involving Vought, Golden Boy, and the mysterious Woods facility. Even though ‘Gen V’ is mostly about its own characters, it still pays tribute to ‘The Boys’ world by having some famous characters from the first three seasons make cameo appearances.

What characters from ‘The Boys’ do a cameo in ‘Get V’?


In ‘Gen V,’ we catch a glimpse of Reggie Franklin, known as A-Train and played by Jessie T. Usher. A-Train’s appearance in the pilot episode is brief but memorable, taking us back to the historic moment when he became the first African American to join The Seven. This cameo provides a unique perspective on his journey.

The Deep

The aquatic antagonist, The Deep, also resurfaces in ‘Gen V.’ Following his probation in ‘The Boys’ season 3, Vought enlists him for company press events. After the unfortunate death of Coach Brink, The Deep records a brief message concerning the Godolkin professor’s killing. This cameo hints at the possibility of more appearances in the future episodes.

Madelyn Stillwell

Elisabeth Shue reprises her role as Madelyn Stillwell in ‘Gen V,’ making a short yet hilarious appearance in a news report that announces A-Train’s recruitment into The Seven. Her presence is a nostalgic nod to ‘The Boys’ series fans.

Ashley Barrett

Colby Minifie’s character, Ashley Barrett, plays an integral role in ‘Gen V’ as Vought’s CEO after Stan Edgar’s leave of absence. Ashley is portrayed as a character often frazzled, especially when The Woods are mentioned. Her presence adds a layer of intrigue to the spin-off’s storyline.

Adam Bourke

P.J. Byrne is back as Adam Bourke, Vought’s always-grumpy director of “Dawn of the Seven” and other big hits. In “Gen V,” he’s a guest professor at Godolkin University, connecting the two shows and making fans laugh with his usual sense of humor.

Love Sausage

Love Sausage, a strange but memorable figure from “The Boys,” also shows up briefly in “Gen V.” There is a flashback scene in Sage Grove Center where we see Love Sausage. He is known for having a very long and robust penis, which is perhaps his only ability. This appearance makes people think of his big break in season 2 and the chances for more adventures.

As ‘Gen V’ takes the world by storm, these interesting cameos from ‘The Boys’ give the spin-off series a sense of nostalgia and more depth. Not only do they connect the two shows, but they also give fans a chance to see their favorite characters again. With its interesting plot and a few known faces, “Gen V” is sure to draw in viewers and be a favorite among fans of “The Boys.”

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