In Hawaii’s peaceful and breathtaking landscape, where the ocean’s gentle waves kiss the golden shores, a heartwarming tale of love, conservation, and self-discovery unfolds in the Hallmark Channel original movie “Aloha Heart.” This film takes viewers on a journey that transcends boundaries, embracing the essence of Hawaiian culture and the importance of preserving the islands’ natural beauty. Manu is a proud Hawaiian deeply connected to his homeland’s ecological balance. He is passionate about conservation and strives to implement sustainable practices in his family’s hotel business. However, his ideas clash with the resort’s pursuit of competitiveness with larger hotels on the islands.

“Aloha Heart” weaves a touching story of love, self-discovery, and environmental conservation in the breathtaking backdrop of Hawaii. Manu and Sara’s journey serves as a reminder of the importance of cherishing nature’s gifts and embracing sustainable practices to preserve the beauty of the world for future generations.

In a world where the connection with the environment often gets overshadowed by material pursuits, “Aloha Heart” stands as a shining beacon of hope and inspiration. It reminds us that love, both for each other and for the planet, can create a powerful force that brings about positive change.

Aloha Heart Cast & Characters Explained:

1. Taylor Cole as Sara

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Taylor Cole takes on the lead role of Sara in Hallmark’s Aloha Heart. Portraying a passionate conservationist, Sara’s life takes an unexpected turn when she befriends a young man at her best friend’s wedding. Their camaraderie leads them on a path to bring about positive changes to his family hotel. The essence of the film revolves around their evolving relationship, making it a must-watch for romance enthusiasts.

Sara, the movie’s protagonist, promises to deliver a remarkable performance, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. The trailer hints at Taylor Cole’s exceptional acting skills, raising anticipation for her portrayal in this delightful film. Taylor Cole’s portfolio boasts other notable film credits, including One Perfect Wedding, Pumpkin Everything, and Long Lost Christmas, showcasing her versatility and talent.

2. Kanoa Goo as Manu

Kanoa Goo graces the screen as Manu in Hallmark’s new romantic drama, Aloha Heart. Manu assumes the role of a charming hotel manager whom Sara encounters at her best friend’s wedding. As their paths intertwine, a budding romantic connection between Sara and Manu emerges, promising heartfelt moments.

The chemistry between Kanoa Goo and Taylor Cole, evident from the film’s trailer, adds an enchanting allure to the story. Kanoa Goo’s previous works, such as Fire Country, Wake Up, Leonard, Endings, Beginnings, and The Rookie, demonstrate his talent and charisma on the big screen.

3. Sasha Dominy as Tessa

In Aloha Heart, the role of Tessa is brought to life by Sasha Dominy. Details about Tessa’s character are shrouded in mystery, but she will play a significant role in the story.

Sasha Dominy’s previous appearances in 6B: An Anthology of Hawaii Films, One Kine Day, and BRUCE!!! have showcased her acting prowess, leaving audiences eager to witness her contribution to this touching story.

Apart from the mentioned lead actors, Aloha Heart also features several talented performers in supporting and minor roles, including:

  • Peter Togawa as Kimo
  • Jordan Matlock as Michael
  • Olivia Nicole Hoffman as Lydia
  • Alex Dayuha as a Waiter

These exceptional actors add depth and authenticity to the film’s story, making Aloha Heart a must-see cinematic experience.

Release Date:

“Aloha Heart” premiered on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, July 29, at 8 pm ET/PT. The movie’s story and setting captured the hearts of viewers, making it an instant favorite. As of the latest update, there is no confirmed release date for the movie in the UK. However, fans across the globe eagerly await the film’s international debut, eagerly anticipating its arrival on their screens.


The heart of “Aloha Heart” lies in the journey of Manu and Sara as they navigate their passions for environmental preservation and their quest for personal growth and happiness. Manu, deeply committed to his Hawaiian roots, understands the importance of protecting the land and ocean that have been home to his ancestors for generations. He believes that his family’s hotel must embrace eco-conscious practices to harmonize with nature. But his suggestions meet resistance from his family, who prioritize the hotel’s competition.

Sara, on the other hand, is an advocate for environmental protection but finds herself struggling to find her place in the field. As she witnesses Manu’s dedication to his cause, she becomes inspired to share her ideas for making the hotel a beacon of sustainability. When Sara and Manu first meet, their conflicting approaches create tension between them. However, as they spend more time together, they uncover a deep connection, realizing they share the same dream of making a positive impact on the world. Through their partnership, they embark on a journey to convince Manu’s family of the importance of embracing sustainable practices while also helping Sara strike a balance between her passion and enjoying life to the fullest.

Amidst the shared pursuit of their dreams, a beautiful and unexpected love blossoms between Manu and Sara. Their feelings for each other enrich their journey, strengthening their resolve to create a better world together.

Where to Watch “Aloha Heart”?

To go on this heartwarming adventure of love and conservation, tune in to the Hallmark Channel, where “Aloha Heart” graces the screens of cable TV packages. For those who have cut the cord, Hallmark has partnered with Peacock, offering an opportunity to watch new movies, including “Aloha Heart,” on the streaming platform with a subscription.

Watch the Trailer Here:

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