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Amazon Prime, Hulu Or Netflix: Choosing The Best Streaming Service

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Getting a streaming service subscription requires a lot of research. With so many options in hand and few dimes in your pocket, you have to be selective in terms of your choices.

The device you want to stream online on, the types of shows you love to watch, the subscription charges, and the quality of the content — there are a lot of factors that you must consider.

Here we have listed the perks of Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix to help you make the right choice

Amazon Prime Video

Subscribing to Amazon Prime Video won’t only provide you with access to amazing Amazon Prime original movies and series but free shipping on Amazon store, free ebooks, free games on Twitch, and a lot more as well.

Amazon Prime Video TV streaming is much more convenient and clearer than its desktop streaming. It also provides viewers’ opinions, cast details, subtitles options, and audio choices. Browser streaming for Amazon Prime gets a bit inconvenient when you switch from Amazon store to Amazon Prime video section.

Amazon Prime has two plans, the basic for $8.99 a month for Prime services only. $12.99 per month for additional Amazon Store services. However, you can manage to get the best offers on Amazon Prime Video (and even on other streaming services) through Streamingwars.com.


Netflix provides smooth streaming over TV, browser, and all devices. However, it is not flawless. It does have few glitches here and there — sudden loud noise on turning on and alike. There is no dearth of good and original shows, movies, and licensed content on Netflix either. However, Netflix is always in stir for some of the shows with theatre chains.

Netflix offers three pricing plans, Basic, Standard, and Premium. Basic starts at $8.99 a month with standard definition and a TV connection. The standard is priced at $12.99 a month with HD streaming and two TV connections. Premium costs $15.99 a month with 4K HDR with 4 simultaneous streams.


Hulu came out to be a warrior at the end even after repetitive ownership consortium issues. It was still able to produce some amazing original series like Handmaid’s Tale and Catch 22.

With Hulu, you can live stream on TV through cable and satellite unlike in Netflix and Amazon Prime where the Internet is the only option. Hulu also has a plethora of original movies, series, and a bit controversial licensed content. Hulu wants to keep its users waiting and only releases one episode at a time if the show is new and yet to run its course.

The basic pricing plan comes with ads and is priced at $5.99 a month. An ad-free pricing plan costs $11.99 a month.


As streaming services have emerged to be an essential luxury, it is necessary to make the right choice. If you are too much into Amazon Store and would appreciate the special offers that come your way with the subscription of Amazon Prime Video, your pick out of the three is obvious.

However, Netflix is always known for its new and incredible shows. This is the only reason why someone can’t think of cutting cords with Netflix. With shows like Stranger Things, The Irish Man, The Other Side of the World, Money Heist — there is no going back.

Truth be told, Hulu doesn’t yet stand a chance among the three options unless you want to see particular shows being telecasted there.

If you want to see if your streaming would work without lag you should try running a speed test.

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