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4 Great Animation Shows to Watch on Netflix

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Animated shows have always been hits among the general public. It’s clear by now that cartoons aren’t just for kids anymore, and with many of them sporting adult themes that even most adults aren’t prepared for, we’re more interested in them than ever. When combined with the world’s biggest streaming service, these shows have a chance to shine like never before. The popularity of shows like these has spiked massively in the past decade, so if you’re interested in giving some of them a watch, here’s what we picked out.


Kakegurui is a Japanese anime that centers around a school as you’ve never seen before. In this academy, students are graded based on their gambling skills, and our high-roller lead Yumeko Jabami is gunning to be top of the class. The show has an exciting premise and great animation, but another thing that has propelled it into popularity is the rise of online casinos. Players from around the globe are flocking to try out the wide variety of slots they host, and with websites such as casimba.com rising to prominence, they can easily find the best of the best.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth is possibly one of the greatest shows we’ve seen on Netflix to date. While the humor in it might seem juvenile and ridiculous at some points, it makes sense as the characters are all prepubescent kids going into their teenage years. The rowdy cast of misfits in the show is what makes it stand apart from many others like it. These foul-mouthed teenagers deal with their changing bodies, mental health issues, and first-ever experiences with love guided by the majorly misinformed “Hormone Monsters” that are supposed to be the all-knowing experts on puberty.


This is the only show out of the lineup that is indeed child friendly. While Voltron is safe to watch with kids around, it’s most certainly a great show that can be enjoyed by adults. The show is the latest reboot of the classic Voltron series that debuted back in 1983 and we have to say this is one reboot done right! The show features a great cast of characters and an incredible storyline that you can binge without feeling bored for a minute. Oh, and did we mention there are giant lion robots in it that combine into an even bigger robot with a sword?

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty might not be a Netflix original, but you can stream it on the platform. What’s there to say about Rick and Morty that hasn’t been said already? This wild parody show that’s loosely based on Back to the Future, and other sci-fi classics blew up a couple of years ago and it’s already become a pop-culture staple for the new generation. If you haven’t seen it, then you’re in for quite the treat. Rick and Morty is majorly vulgar, very inappropriate, and should be kept as far away from children as possible. That being said, those are the exact reasons why everyone loves it so much!

Author: Jenifer Markly

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