The Apple TV+ spy thriller “Argylle” has a great soundtrack that complements the fast-paced action and savvy dialogue. The music is very intriguing, even though the movie itself is a bit of a puzzle since the story of how it got its start is a playful fabrication.

The “Argylle” soundtrack pulls viewers deeper into the world of the movie with its unique mix of instrumental pieces and licensed tracks. Interestingly, Grammy-nominated singer Dua Lipa doesn’t have any of her own songs on the soundtrack, even though she has a big part in the first scene. But fans of her co-star Ariana DeBose will be happy to hear that she contributed a few electrifying tracks that gave the movie’s music even more energy.

What is Argylle about?

Elly Conway is an anxious writer who is known for her spy books with the dashing hero Argylle. She is having trouble writing because her mom told her she was wrong. She has no idea that her fictitious world is about to meet the real world. Aidan Wilde, a real spy, saves Elly while she is on a train ride. 

He tells her a shocking truth: she is being hunted by a dangerous group called the Division because her books oddly predict their future missions. Aidan takes Elly to England right away because he thinks her next part will hold the key to stopping the Division. At this point, Elly’s idea becomes a plan for stopping a real-life spy ring, making the line between fiction and reality less clear.

Argylle Soundtrack: All songs Featured in the Apple TV+ movie

You can now hear the music from “Argylle” on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, among others. It’s important to note, though, that the music is mostly made up of Lorne Balfe’s instrumental score. The official soundtrack doesn’t have many of the famous songs that were used in the movie. These are called “needle-drop” tracks.

On the other hand, the album has some great songs. There’s “Electric Energy,” “Get Up and Start Again,” and a beautiful instrumental version of the Beatles’ “Now and Then.” For the rest of the movie’s music, you’ll need to check out the pages for each artist on the streaming service you prefer.

Complete Tracklist:

  • ‘You’re My Everything’ – Barry White
  • ‘Let’s Dance’ – David Bowie
  • ‘Get Up And Start Again’ by Ariana DeBose
  • ‘Do You Wanna Funk’ – Patrick Cowley ft Sylvester
  • ’Now and Then’ – The Beatles
  • ‘Electric Energy’ – Ariana DeBose, Boy George, Nile Rogers
  • ‘Run’ – by Leona Lewis

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