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Five Reasons Artgrid is the Best Place to Find Great Royalty-Free Stock Footage

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You may not be aware of it or perhaps are uninterested, but pretty much every one of us has become content producers. The way we all consume content, and we’ll go into detail later about what forms this content takes, has changed monumentally over the past few years and continues to evolve on an almost daily basis.

As viewers, we are voracious. We are no longer tied to our television screens, watching a limited number of channels, and stuck to a regimented schedule. Now we watch videos on the go, and more and more of that content is either amateur in nature or just plain reality content we view on our social media channels.

The rate at which we ingest content has led to a revolution of sorts. This colossal explosion of material needs to be supported, and that’s where royalty-free stock footage comes in.

Content Revolution

Most of us watch television via several streaming channels, and the amount of material being produced has skyrocketed. Add to the mix the fact that much of what we view is made by social media influencers or just those looking to post content to their channels just for the fun of it.

Making your own content isn’t easy and keeping up with the demand is still more challenging. This means that many look to supplement their own video shoots with additional material in the form of stock footage.

Stock footage, or ‘B-Roll’ as it was more commonly titled in the movie industry, is a material that you can use to improve or enhance your own footage. There are many reasons you might do this, but here are a few.

  • Mistakes on shoot leading you to need content to plug the gaps
  • Footage required from a location you can’t travel to
  • Stock footage that gives you video you can’t film yourself (think crowd scenes)
  • Transition shots to add depth to your content (perhaps an overhead shot of a major city)
  • Professional video shots to make your amateur production appear more accomplished

There are countless other, more specific, reasons you might want to use stock footage, and the service as a whole is improving rapidly.

What is Royalty-Free Stock Footage?

Royalty-free stock footage is footage that is handily available with all relevant licenses built-in; in other words, you’ll have no complications when it comes to using this content within your projects.

This footage is offered by relevant providers who offer large databases packed with content. You then happily navigate through the appropriate libraries to find the perfect shot or extended footage for your specific needs.

As an industry, the royalty-free stock footage has improved markedly over the years, and the best providers offer professional-grade content that will seamlessly fit into your existing work with a minimum of fuss.

Five Reasons Why Artgrid is the Best in the Business

While it’s true there are many good royalty-free stock footage providers; there is one that is head and shoulders above the competition. Artgrid is so well known that even those who don’t have the slightest clue what stock footage is and what it’s used for are aware of the brand. This is a testament to the high-level quality of their service.

Artgrid is consistently listed as the best operator in the field, and to help illustrate this, let us list five reasons why they are second to none in their area.

Unlimited Service

Some royalty-free providers charge as per usage, and this can really rack up. Artgrid is paid for on an annual basis, and there is no limit to the number of downloads and projects you can work on. The competition often gives the impression of unlimited service and then you find you’ve overshot the limits that are indeed in place, knowing that you’ll have to adjust your pricing plan to get the footage you really want.

Great Quality Content

First off, the content offered by Artgrid is shot by professionals. This means that the quality of ideas, and production, are exemplary. So much so that the addition of shots and footage from this service will instantly add value to your work. Secondly, the quality of the videos themselves is incredibly high. Color graded 8K as the standard says it all.

Commercial Use Included

All content you download is cleared for commercial use. This isn’t standard across the board in the royalty-free footage market, quite the opposite. This gives you peace of mind and protection from any potential legal issues that other sites and providers cannot always guarantee.

Simple Pricing Plans

Pricing plans are simple and easy to understand, with no hidden costs. Artgrid Junior HD, Artgrid Creator 4K and Artgrid Pro RAW/LOG. Each of these is well-defined and is purpose-built for specific needs. These plans have clearly been laid out with their users in mind.

Incredibly Well-Organized Libraries

When it comes to searching for the right footage, some services can feel cluttered, and others are just a mess. We are pleased to report that Artgrid is neither. The footage is split into clips and stories and trying to find the ideal content is frankly a joy, especially in comparison with other services we’ve tried out.

Artgrid, The Undisputed Leader in the Field

We’ve tried out other providers, and they tend to all fall down in one key area or more than one in some instances, but Artgrid is unlike the others. It’s a service that has honed itself to become as near too flawless as you can get in this field.

If your project needs royalty-free stock footage, and let’s be honest, it almost certainly will benefit from it, then Artgrid is the safe, smart, and suitable choice for all.

Author: Eleni Lappa

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