“As the Crow Flies” is all set for another exciting season that perfectly balances willpower, jealousy, and the desire for fame. Its intricate storyline promises to keep viewers engaged as it progresses through various thrilling plots, representing a dramatic and sensible closure for the show. Let’s get into “As the Crow Flies” season 3 details of cast and characters, plot, release date,  and where you can watch it.

As the Crow Flies (Season 3) Cast & Characters Explained

Birce Akalay as Lale Kiran

Known for Nefes: Vatan Sagolsun (2009), Küçük Aga (2014-15), and Price of Passion (2017-18), Birce Akalay plays the role of Lale Kiran.

Miray Daner as Asli Tuna

Popular for Wounded Love (2016-18), Bir Litre Gözyasi (2018-19), and Life (2023), Miray Daner plays the character of Asli Tuna.

Ibrahim Celikkol as Kenan Sezgin

Famous for Conquest 1453 (2012), Price of Passion (2017-18), and My Home My Destiny (2019-21), Ibrahim Celikkol plays the part of Kenan Sezgin.

Irem Sak as Müge Türkmen

Irem Sak is famous for Mortal World (2018), Almost Famous (2012), and Marti (2017). She steps into the character of Müge Türkmen.

Burak Yamantürk as Selim Kiran

Popularly known for Dip (2018), As the Crow Flies (2022), and Böcek (2013), Burak Yamantürk plays the role of Selim Kiran.

Demircan Kacel as Yusuf Tunca

Famous for As the Crow Flies (2022), Kiralik Baba, and Three Sisters (2022), Demircan Kacel takes up the part of Yusuf Tunca.

Defne Kayalar as Gül

Known for Suddenly (2022), Karanlikta Kosanlar (2001), and The Protector (2018), Defne Kayalar plays the character of Gül.

Nejat Isler as Narrator

Nejat Isler is known for Losers’ Club (2011), Egg (2007), and Winter Sleep (2014). He is also the narrator in As the Crow Flies, Season 3.

Elif Kurtuaran as Melisa

Popular for Taçsiz Prenses (2023), As the Crow Flies (2022), and Kod Adi Kirlangic (2023), Elif Kurtuaran plays Melisa in the series.

Merve Nil Güder as Mila

Known for As the Crow Flies (2022), Crash (2018), and Alparslan: The Great Seljuks (2021), Merve Nil Güder plays the part of Mila.

Sifanur Gül as Güliz

Famous for Sevdim Seni Bir Kere (2019), The Tailor (2023), and As the Crow Flies (2022), Sifanur Gül steps into the character of Güliz.


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What happened during the ending of As the Crow Flies Season 2?

After a hurtful prank, Lale Kiran decides to focus on her family, leaving her job. Asli Tuna faces tough times, losing loved ones and her career. Lale’s success on TV makes MON5 want her back. Asli hits rock bottom and causes a scene on set. Lale becomes a hero. But Asli struggles with public reaction. Lale helps her friend Yusuf restart his career. Asli is approached by Gul to host a talk show on a new network.

As the Crow Flies (Season 3) Plot

The series revolves around Asli, a fan of respected news anchor Lale Kiran. She bluffs her way into an internship at Lale’s office. Asli sets traps for other interns but struggles to take down Güliz, whose connections protect her. The series is filled with intrigue, suspense, and drama as Asli tries to rekindle the flame between Lale and Kenan while Lale struggles with life off-camera.

As the Crow Flies (Season 3) Release Date

The Release Date for “As the Crow Flies” season 3 is April 11, 2024.

Where to watch As the Crow Flies (Season 3)?

You can watch “As the Crow Flies” season 3 on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here:

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