Do you know how many barbie movies are there? There are more than 40 movies, but Greta Gerwig’s Barbie quickly became extremely popular in the world of movies in 2023. The credit also goes, in large parts, to the amazing cast of Barbie and the characters they played. 

The movie stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who play Barbie and Ken perfectly. They capture the timeless charm that the iconic toys are known for. Both actors are not just about looking good, they also have amazing talent. They have given outstanding performances throughout their successful careers.

The Barbie movie has a really amazing cast! They have gathered a group of incredibly talented actors who bring to life characters based on the dolls we all know and love, as well as some new ones created just for the movie. Every person who plays a different version of Barbie or Ken has a collection of well-known roles in their portfolio. So, don’t worry if you are guessing how many barbie dolls are there, because there are lots of Kens and Barbies.

How long is Barbie ?

Barbie is 1h 54m long.

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Where will Barbie be streaming?

You can now watch Barbie on Max and other video-on-demand platforms that have the Max channel. These platforms include DirecTV Stream, Hulu, and Prime Video.

Barbie Cast and Characters Explained

Margot Robbie As Barbie

Margot Robbie plays the character of Barbie and she portrays the classic image of Barbie as a blonde doll, which is an important part of the story. In addition to her main role, Robbie also takes on the responsibility of being a producer for the movie. Robbie’s Barbie, who plays the main character, goes through a crisis about her existence, which leads her to embark on a life-changing adventure in the real world.

Ryan Gosling As Ken

Ryan Gosling perfectly portrays the role of Ken, Barbie’s love interest, as he deals with the challenges of unreciprocated love. Ken is really dedicated, but he’s not the smartest guy around. He ends up unintentionally joining Barbie on her journey to find herself. As he continues on his journey, he comes across the idea of patriarchy, which turns out to have serious consequences for Barbieland.

Will Ferrell As the CEO Of Mattel

Will Ferrell is playing the part of the CEO of Mattel, the company that makes Barbies and Ken dolls. At first, Ferrell’s character is shown as a bad guy who wants to catch Barbie in the real world. But as the movie progresses, we learn that there’s more to his story and his reasons become more complex by the end.

Dua Lipa As Mermaid Barbie

Dua Lipa is a popular musician who plays the role of Mermaid Barbie in the cast. Lipa has received many awards for her musical talent, and she also does a great job playing the role of the underwater Barbie.

Issa Rae As President Barbie

Issa Rae takes on the role of President Barbie, who is the leader in Barbieland.

America Ferrera As Gloria

America Ferrera plays the character of Gloria, who is one of the few human characters in the movie. Sasha, who is Gloria’s daughter, works for Mattel and she owns Robbie’s Barbie. Gloria teams up with Barbie to explore the catalyst behind Barbie’s existential crisis and the weakening barrier between Barbieland and the real world. Together, they go on a surprising journey.

Ariana Greenblatt As Sasha

Ariana Greenblatt has joined the Barbie cast as Sasha, who is Gloria’s preteen daughter and the owner of Margot Robbie’s Barbie. Barbie meets Sasha, who has a tendency to disagree with others, which leads to an unexpected friendship forming between Sasha, Gloria, and Barbie. Barbie learns valuable lessons during her journey.

Michael Cera As Allen

Michael Cera plays the role of Allan, who is Ken’s friend in the Barbie cast. In a world where most people seem to fit into neat categories, Allen finds himself grappling with his own identity, which can be quite confusing at times.

Emerald Fennell As Midge

Emerald Fennell plays the role of Midge, a doll in the Barbie cast who has been discontinued and is a subject of controversy. Midge is portrayed as Barbie’s pregnant best friend.

Rhea Perlman As Ruth Handler

The actress Rhea Perlman plays the role of Ruth Handler, who is known for inventing Barbie. Handler gives wise advice to Robbie’s Barbie, which helps her change and grow as a character.

Connor Swindells As Aaron Dinkens

Connor Swindells plays the character Aaron Dinkens in the Barbie cast. Aaron is an intern at Mattel who discovers that Barbie and Ken are coming to life in the real world.

Helen Mirren As The Narrator

Someone who has won an Oscar. Helen Mirren takes on the role of the narrator and uses her refined and perfectly spoken voice to tell the Barbie story. She contrasts the extravagant story and visuals with her elegant delivery.

Kate McKinnon As Weird Barbie

Kate McKinnon plays the character of Weird Barbie in the cast, which is a departure from the typical perfect doll image. Weird Barbie looks a bit messy, but she’s there to help Robbie’s Barbie through her tough time of questioning everything.

John Cena As Merman Ken

John Cena, after starring in Fast X, is now part of the Barbie cast as Merman Ken. Out of nowhere, Cena’s ukelele-playing Merman Ken makes a surprise appearance in the story.

Simu Liu as Ken

Simu Liu is playing Ken in the Barbie movie, and he will be involved in a rivalry with Gosling’s Ken. In addition to flirting with Barbie, Liu’s Ken decides to challenge Gosling to a “beach-off” to show off his dancing skills, which makes the competition between them even more intense.

Ncuti Gatwa as Ken

Ncuti Gatwa’s character takes on the role of a different Ken in the Barbie cast.


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Barbie Supporting Cast & Characters

  • Emma Mackey as Physicist Barbie
  • Alexandra Shipp as Writer Barbie
  • Ana Cruz Kayne as Judge Barbie
  • Ritu Arya as Journalist Barbie
  • Nicola Coughlan as Diplomat Barbie
  • Hari Nef as Doctor Barbie
  • Sharon Rooney as Lawyer Barbie
  • Marisa Abela as Teen Talk Barbie
  • Scott Evans as a Ken
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir as Ken
  • Jamie Demetriou as a Mattel Employee

So these were all the Barbie cast and characters you needed to know. Now, which Barbie character are you?

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