Nowadays we are spoiled with choices when it comes to movies or tv shows. So much so that the vast number of choices can be overwhelming and can lead to us just settling on a rewatch of our favorite program.

Netflix is the number one streaming app at the moment, with over 220 million subscribers in 2022, and for good reason. They have a long list of new, classic, and original movies from every kind of genre. One sub-genre which has produced some of the best movies is gambling.

But there are so many great movies and tv shows which revolve around the subject that it can be impossible to choose, and here lies the problem.

But one movie stands above the rest.

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If you are interested in watching the best gambling movie on Netflix, look no forward than Martin Campbell’s 2006 classic.

Casino Royale

This movie seems to have aged like fine wine and a big reason for this is the ever-increasing popularity of online gambling. The online betting scene has exploded over the last decade, and more and more people are choosing to play online slots than ever before. Slots are a top pick for many and no wonder, as the variety of themes and game mechanisms means there is something to appeal to everyone. But online casinos are not short of table game options, including live ones that emulate the in-person experience.

This movie encapsulates the casino atmosphere perfectly making it an immersive, realistic watch. Part of the iconic James Bond series, Casino Royale was the first installment with the new 007 actor, Daniel Craig. It has everything that you would expect to find in the franchise: fast cars, beautiful women, and even a wincing interrogation scene.

The main plot of the movie revolves around a poker tournament, which Bond is instructed to win to stop the villain of the movie from laundering funds for his evil purposes. The realistic poker games are just as exciting as the flashy cars and gunfights, with the tension turned up to the max on many occasions.

When we meet Bond for the first time, he is not the ice-cold killer with years of experience under his belt and a roller dex of assassinations. We are introduced to him only at the start of his journey when he gets promoted to 007 agent by assassinating the traitor Dryden. This version of Bond although green behind the ears feels a lot more robotic and calculated than his predecessors.
Bond comes across as emotionally void and exhibits a coldness that you would associate with someone in his line of business. Don’t worry, he still is the ever-suave ladies’ man that we have grown to love but there is a deeper layer to him, which has never been present in the franchise up to this moment.

The duality of being a man who has emotions and aspirations, but has to keep that side of him numb because his job entails him being a cold-blooded killer makes this movie great.

After a lot of skepticism, Craig established himself as one of the best Bonds ever and successfully rebooted a franchise that many thought doomed to fail.

If you are pointlessly browsing through Netflix looking for a good movie to pass the time, then I recommend watching Casino Royale. Even if you have seen it already, it makes for an equally captivating second viewing.

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