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Rami Malek goes Into the Wild in the first Trailer of ‘Buster’s Mal Heart’

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Buster’s Mal Heart is Rami Malek’s big break on the golden screen after his acclaimed performance in the television series Mr. Robot, for which he was awarded an Emmy. The trailer doesn’t really paint a clear picture, it’s, for the most part, a discontinuous series of images in weird settings that add a certain mystique, but do not give anything away. For people who are familiar with Malek’s psychedelic characteristics in Mr. Robot, may guess that the trailer deals with a similar concept of multiple personalities. We see three different versions of the lead, a disoriented office worker, a man living in the wilderness and one stranded at sea. Analyzing the trailer. Jonah appears as a working man in a stupor, maybe detached from the world after “his” turns upside down. His family flashes around, like fragments of memories. We see him turning into a scruffy mountain man while also witnessing him as Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. Two different versions, revolving around the same theme: survival in the face of adversity. Going by the music and the continuity of events, they feel more metaphorical than real, shrouding a cloud of doubt over where the film intends to lead you. The only surprising thing is Malek’s decision to act in a film such as this, upcoming actors always need to be wary of getting typecasted.

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