“Buying Back My Daughter” is an emotional American drama with an excellent cast. The incredibly talented Troy Scott directs it and stars Meagan Good and Ariana Madix in fascinating roles. This 2023 TV movie is based on the heartbreaking true story of a mother who worked nonstop to save her daughter from being sold into sex trafficking. Read on to learn more about the story, cast, release date, and where to watch this emotional movie.


Megan Good does a great job as Dana, who is going through every parent’s worst fear as “Buying Back My Daughter” chronicles. Her daughter Alicia, played by Faith Wright, 16, sneaks off to a party and then leaves without a trace. Following a year-long search, Dana feels hopeless until her motherly instincts lead her to the seedy parts of online sex trade ads. She is horrified to find Alicia’s ad.

Roger Cross plays Alicia’s father, Curtis, and Dana goes on a heartbreaking journey to “buy back” their daughter from people who have trafficked her. The movie not only shows how horrible sex trafficking is, but it also shows how strong and determined a mother can be. Karen, a police officer with a close tie to the case, is played by Ariana Madix. The fact that she helps with the investigation gives her character more depth and gives the story a sense of justice.

Buying Back My Daughter Cast & Characters Explained:

Megan Good as Dana

The film’s cast is a powerhouse of talent, led by Megan Good, who delivers a compelling performance as Dana and serves as the executive producer, elevating the project to new heights. Her dedication to the role shines through, making her portrayal of Dana all the more impactful.

Ariana Madix as Karen

Ariana Madix, known for her stint on “Vanderpump Rules,” steps into the shoes of Karen, the determined police officer. Her portrayal brings authenticity to the character, drawing the audience deeper into the story. Moreover, her personal connection to the case adds layers of complexity to her performance.

While Megan Good and Ariana Madix take center stage, Roger Cross, famed for his role in “The CW’s Arrow” and other notable appearances, portrays Dana’s husband and Alicia’s father. His vast experience in the industry ensures a nuanced portrayal, adding depth to the family dynamic.

Faith Wright, from the popular series “Riverdale,” joins the cast, although her role remains shrouded in mystery. Her inclusion piques curiosity, promising an intriguing dimension to the storyline.

Release Date and Time: 

“Buying Back My Daughter” is set to premiere on Saturday, October 7th, at 8 p.m. PT/ET. This eagerly awaited release is sure to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and stellar performances.

Where to Watch Buying Back My Daughter?

For those seeking to watch this powerful drama, it will be available exclusively on Lifetime. This network has a reputation for hosting gripping and thought-provoking films, making it the perfect platform for “Buying Back My Daughter.”

Watch the trailer here:

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