Gambling-themed films have always been popular among viewers. There are many Hollywood- produced films about professional gamblers that are about characters excelling at casinos by simply sitting at the table. This is the kind of cinema that is slowly finding its place in Bollywood as well. They aren’t just about casino and their strategies, but they also deliver another level of entertainment that focuses beyond the central theme of casino and gambling. However, it’s the right time to do so, and we’re bringing the list of films at our fingertips if in case you haven’t seen these Bollywood gambling-themed movies. You should also check out online blackjack sites in India.

1. Teen Patti

This movie was premiered in 2010, starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley, and Shraddha Kapoor. It’s the right blend of acting skills and entertainment. The main character, Venkat, learns to gamble, and his biggest dream is to hit a big jackpot in a casino. Percy, the famed mathematician, helps him in that hunt, and they join hands to win a huge sum of money in a London casino. They tried out their probability hypothesis in practice, and it turned out to be a total success. At first, Venkat invites three pupils to a Teen Patti game to test their theory, and only after that he decides to take on professional gambling players with real money in a Teen Patti game.

2. Gambler

“Gambler” is a Hindi film that was released in 1971, and it’s centered on the main character, inspector Daya Shankar Pandey, a lazy cop. He gets assigned the task that’s going to change his life from its roots. He uncovers an intricate racket of gambling and smugglers of drugs clamor and medicine smuggling, and the smugglers want to make a hell of his life as an act of retaliation for ruining their business. Ultimately, inspector Pandey quits his job and becomes a professional gambling player himself. He manages to win a lot of cash and becomes a successful gambler, but he had to pay a huge price to become that.

3. Striker

The Striker movie holds a special place in the hearts of Indian people since it’s about a real-life event. The film premiered in 2010. The story focuses on an amateurish boy Surya, who fights throughout his life around the immature boy Surya who fights through his life in the Indian suburbs. Although, he won the Carrom game title at the age of 12, which changes his life. He’s considered a wonder, and as soon as he discovered he’s accomplished for the game, Surya entered the underground world. A betting brotherhood spotted his talent for carrom, but Surya started to lose control and becomes greedy which led him to end up in a lousy company.

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4. The Great Gambler

The Great Gambler movie is Bollywood’s classic among the gambling-themed movies. Jai, a character played by Amitabh Bachhan, is a professional gambler who has never lost a single game. So, gangs want to pull him into their business to trick people into casino and gambling games. Jai agrees, but he isn’t aware of what is going to happen with him next. The movie also highlights Jai’s real-life problems besides gambling.

5. Jannat

Jannat is a film with themes of casino and betting, but it includes a lot of romantic drama essentials. Starring Emraan Hashmi, the movie was premiered in 2008, and the story focuses on Arjun Dixit, a youngish and successful wagerer. He makes up a fortune on justice staking by staking day and night. Although he wanted to make him and his special Zoya rich, Arjun is so steadfast to staking that he hasn’t enough time for his mate. The man gets deeper into the business, but that has a disastrous impact on his relationship and life. Ultimately, Arjun gets involved with the betting mafia, and that’s where things start to go complicated.

Author: John Graham

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