Chained Soldier Episode 1 Preview: Chained Soldier, specifically referred to as Mato Seihei no Slave in Japan, is a manga series that was written by Takahiro and drawn by Yohei Takemura. As of January 2019, it has been being serialised on the internet portal of Shueisha, which is known as Shōnen Jump+. 

In 2023, the news came in for an anime adaptation of Chained Soldier created by Seven Arcs. This anime is going to make you go crazy for sure. To learn everything about the anime, check out the Chained Soldier episode 1 preview. 

What is Chained Soldier about?

In Japan, gates to a different world called Mato start to open. In Mato, monsters called Shuuki start fighting people on Earth. There is something inside these portals called a “Peach” that gives women magical powers when they eat it. 

This creates a world where women are in charge. Yuuki Wakura, who just graduated from high school, accidentally walks through a gate one day and runs into Kyouka Uzen, who is in charge of the 7th squad of the Demon Defense Force. Kyouka can “enslave” Shuuki and ride them into battle, but she asks Yuuki if she can enslave him because she is being surrounded by more and more Shuuki. 

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He agrees, and she makes him her “slave.” Together, they beat the Shuuki. She learns, though, that she has to give him a prize in exchange for using his body, and that reward is usually physical. Yuuki decides to become a nurse for Kyouka and back her goal of becoming Supreme Commander. She will also fight the Shuuki and figure out what Mato is all about.

Chained Soldier Episode 1 Preview

Pony Canyon recently shared an exciting trailer for Chained Soldier on YouTube, giving fans a sneak peek into the anime’s world. Yuki, a third-year student at Kaminoge High School, teams up with the Anti-Demon Corps to fight the scary Shuuki. The series is directed by Junji Nishimura and animated by company Seven Arcs. It looks and sounds great, with stunning animation and interesting music.

Where can I stream Chained Soldier Episode 1?

You can stream Chained Soldier episode 1 on Tokyo MX and HIDIVE.

Release date & time:

The release date of Chained Soldier episode 1 is January 4, 2024. The release time is at 10 AM EST (15:00 UST).

What to expect from Chained Soldier Episode 1?

The show’s main characters will be shown in the first episode of the season. Our main character, Yuuki Wakura, who is in charge of the dorms, will be presented. He goes into the demon city through a strange gate that opens. He is a third year high school boy. 

In different parts of Japan, mysterious areas called “demon cities” have appeared. In these places, eating otherworldly “peaches” gives women special powers that are only available to them. He meets Kyoka Uzen, the beautiful head of the Magical Defense Corps, which is made up of seven programs. She tells him to serve her.

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