Chained Soldier Episode 9 Preview (S01E09): Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of “Chained Soldier” episode 9 to see how the gripping story continues. Episode 8 was full of shocking reveals and complex character relationships. Tenka Izumo’s romantic interest in Yuuki Wakura caused surprising alliances and clashes within the Demon Defense Force in the previous episode, which made things worse.

As people get more excited for episode 9, they can expect to learn more about the Shuuki danger, character motivations, complicated relationships, and growing conflicts. As secrets come out and tensions rise, “Chained Soldier” keeps delivering surprising turns that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Here’s the “Chained Soldier” episode 9 preview that covers everything you need to know.

What Happened in Chained Soldier Episode 8?

  • Tenka Izumo expresses her desire to be with Yuuki Wakura, offering to endorse Kyouka Uzen in the Supreme Commander election in exchange for cooperation.
  • Kyouka informs Yuuki about Izumo’s interest in him, acknowledging that she can’t control his personal life, although Yuuki realizes he has little free time.
  • Izumo confesses her feelings to Yuuki and asks him to be her boyfriend, citing his bravery and housekeeping skills as reasons for her attraction.
  • Kyouka intervenes when Izumo sneaks into Yuuki’s room, reprimanding Izumo for her actions and abuse of abilities.
  • Kyouka experiments with lending her slave ability to Nei Ookawamura and Shushu, resulting in Yuuki assuming different forms based on their commands.
  • Nei and Shushu test their control over Yuuki, leading to the manifestation of two distinct forms, Shining Star and Iwatooshi, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Nei reveals her reasons for joining the Demon Defense Force, driven by the mysterious disappearance of her parents and a desire to uncover the truth behind Mato Mishaps.
  • Izumo shares insights from the Supreme Commander, suggesting a diplomatic approach to the Humanoid Shuuki problem to understand Mato’s mysteries.
  • Izumo aligns her squadron with Kyouka’s against the Supreme Commander’s directives, promising cooperation in addressing the Shuuki threat.
  • Kyouka and Yuuki join Himari and Shushu in a battle against Shuuki, encountering a new, regenerative type of Shuuki and Humanoid Shuuki observers.
  • Izumo’s infatuation with Yuuki intensifies following the events of the battle, hinting at future complications.

Where Can I Stream Chained Soldier Episode 9?

You can stream “Chained Soldier” episode 9 on Tokyo MX and HIDIVE.

Release Date & Time:

The release date of “Chained Soldier” episode 9 is February 29, 2024. The release time is as follows:

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté
  • Japanese Standard Time: 10:00 PM
  • Central European Time: 03:00 PM
  • New York: 09:00 AM
  • Australian Capital Territory: Midnight
  • Pacific Time: 06:00 AM
  • Eastern European Time: 03:00 PM

What to expect from Chained Soldier Episode 9?

Based on the events and developments in “Chained Soldier” episode 8, viewers can expect several key elements in episode 9:

  • Episode 9 is likely to delve deeper into the evolving dynamics between characters, especially focusing on Tenka Izumo’s growing infatuation with Yuuki Wakura and its repercussions on their interactions with other squad members.
  • With Izumo and Kyouka forming an alliance against the Supreme Commander’s directives, viewers can expect to see the ramifications of their collaboration as they navigate the complexities of the ongoing conflict with the Shuuki.
  • The episode may provide more insight into the motivations and backgrounds of characters like Nei Ookawamura, shedding light on her quest to uncover the truth behind her parents’ disappearance and its connection to the Mato Mishaps.

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