Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks: Release Date, Plot, Where to Watch, What to Expect, Episodes Listing, Trailer & other Details

Cold Case Files- DNA Speaks

Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks is a 10-part forensic crime docuseries that will be available soon. The series is a spin-off of the popular 1999 series Cold Case Files, and it will focus on unsolved murders that were solved using DNA evidence. Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks is a must-watch for true crime and forensic science fans. The series is a fascinating look at how DNA evidence has helped to solve some of the most difficult cases in history. The series is also a reminder of the pain and frustration that cold cases can cause and the dedication and determination of investigators who never give up hope of solving these cases.

Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks Release dateĀ 

Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks will premiere on August 17, 2023. The series will be available to stream online.


The Cold Case Files, which won an Emmy in 1999 for best drama series, is back with a spin-off called Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks. Every episode of the show will focus on a different murder mystery that was not solved for a significant amount of time (thus the name “cold cases”), sometimes for several decades, until the development of DNA testing made it possible to solve them. As a result, we are going to be overwhelmed with information regarding these recent happenings.

We will be able to watch how the investigators tracked down the criminals who believed they had evaded punishment by using the scientific improvements they achieved thanks to the advancements in forensic analysis. During the process of reopening the cases, every minuscule detail will be investigated, and no stone will be left unturned.

The show will not only investigate how new evidence uncovers new witnesses who eventually lead to the discovery of the perpetrator. But it will also investigate the mental torment experienced by the deceased’s family members and how they never stopped hunting for the guilty one. Eventually, this will be accompanied by the unyielding determination of the officials looking into the case.

What to Expect from Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks?

Fans of real crime and forensic science should definitely watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks. The series will give a unique look at how DNA evidence has helped solve some of the most difficult crimes in history.

You can expect some of the following from Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks:

  • In-depth looks into killings that haven’t been solved.
  • Interviews with law enforcement officers, forensic scientists, and family members of the victims
  • Photos and old videos from the past
  • Bill Kurtis gives his opinion as an expert.
  • A look at how DNA data has helped solve cold cases

The show will look at a wide range of cases, from high-profile deaths to cases that have been going on for decades without anyone noticing. Viewers will see how DNA evidence has been used to find suspects, catch killers, and give victims’ families peace. The show will also look at how hard cold cases can be on families and detectives on an emotional level. Moreover, people will see how sad and angry families are when the deaths of their loved ones go unsolved for years. They will also see how hard and determined detectives are since they never give up on trying to solve these cases.

Where to Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks?

Wondering where to watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks? You can watch it on Hulu beginning August 17.

Episodes Listing:

The first season of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks will consist of 10 episodes. As of now, the names of the episodes have not been revealed.

Watch the trailer here:

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