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CompTIA Network+ Certification: General Overview from PrepAway

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CompTIA is a non-profit organization that is known for providing some of the best IT-related certifications in the world. CompTIA issues vendor-neutralcredentials and it is popular in over 100 countries. According to stats, around 2.2 million people have earned CompTIA certification.

If you want to start your IT career, then CompTIA certification can improve your prospects. Whenever you are applying for a job, it is important to have a complete command on what you are required to do. Moreover, it will not be superfluous to have confirmation of your skills – and this is the main reason why it would be wise to pursue CompTIA credential.

With the help of CompTIA certification, you can make sure that you have every bit of knowledge that is required pertaining to a specific IT domain. There is a variety of different certifications that CompTIA provides at the moment and each certification allows the candidate to learn something new. The main credentials offered by CompTIA are as follows:

• Server+
• Project+
• Security+
• PenTest+
• Linux+
• CySA+
• Cloud+
• A+
• ITF+
• And of course, Network+

Here we will be shedding light on CompTIA Network+ certification. It is the entry-level credential offered by CompTIA and it is used to measure the skills of an individual as a network technician.Network+ requires no prior certifications, however, it is recommended that you get CompTIA A+ certification and possess at least 9 months of experience before trying to attain Network+.

To earn Network+, you need to pass CompTIA N10-007 exam. Thecertification expires after a period of 3 years, after which the candidate has the choice to retake the exam and renew the credential.Now, let’s consider N10-007 test in more details.

About the Exam

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam tests the candidate’s skills in five main areas which are Network Security, Networking Concepts, Network Operations, Infrastructure and Network Troubleshooting and Tools. N10-007 exam is quite important and one of the reasons for that is that itauthenticates the training and experience the candidate has received as a networking technician. Passing this exam can help aspiring individuals move forward in their careers.

N10-007 exam is 90 minutes long andduring this time the candidates need to answer 90 questions. This gives the candidate about one minute for each question, which makes time management an integral part of the exam. All questions in the test are either multiple-choice or performance-based. To pass the exam, you need to make sure that you have a score of at least 720 on a scale of 100-900.

The candidates should have a few skills including basic knowledge of troubleshooting tools, TCP/IP addressing and core protocols. They should also know how to configure laptops and smartphones and have a basic understanding of access control measures.

Preparing for the Exam

There are 2.2 million CompTIA certified individuals out there, but this does not mean that passing any of these certifications is easy. Passing N10-007 exam is going to be quite difficult as there are a lot of topics to cover. You cannot hope to pass the exam without having prepared for it properly. Luckily, CompTIA itself provides a lot of preparation sources to its members. These sources are 100% reliable and it is recommended that you use them.

Firstly, we have the CompTIA CertMaster eLearning. This platform offers various products that you can use to prepare for any CompTIA certification. It doesn’t matter if you are taking CompTIA exam for the first time or the 100th time, the CompTIA CertMaster eLearning can surely make a difference.

Then we have CompTIA eBooks. These eBooks have been compiled by world-renowned experts and the content is extremely reliable. By using these eBooks, you can learn everything that you need to know about N10-007 exam objectives. You can also go for CompTIA instructor-led training if that is what you need.

PrepAway Platform for Preparation

Don’t be afraid to use other sources to prepare for N10-007 exam because you never know what you might need. One website that you need to visit in this regard has to be PrepAway. This platform is loaded with the study material that increases your chances of doing well in the exam. Just like what CompTIA provides, the study material on PrepAway is completely reliable. However, the part where PrepAway really shines is the practice questions.

You can find a ton of practice questions at PrepAwayand it is something that you really need before your test. Without practicing for N10-007 exam, it can become quite difficult for you to pass the exam. The practice questions from PrepAway are supplied with explanations so that you can cross-check your responses. With the help of these practice tests, you can put yourself through the pressure that you will experience duringthe actual exam. The difference is that this time the stakes will be much lower and you will be able to come up with the appropriate test-taking strategy.


CompTIA Network+ certification has quickly become the most sought-after certification for networking technicians. There are a lot of benefits of getting this certification including the possibility to move to more advanced CompTIA credentials such as Security+, CySA+, or PenTest+. If you possess CompTIA Network+ certification, you can truly boost your career. It will also become much easier for you to find a job that you actually like. Isn’t it worth it?

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