Peacock’s dating series, “Couple to Throuple,” shifts the spotlight onto polyamory, departing from conventional dating norms. The reality show features four adventurous couples who explore the possibility of introducing a third partner into their relationship dynamics. Against the backdrop of a tropical paradise, their desires for throuple relationships ignite.

Peacock has announced the premiere date for “Couple to Throuple,” its pioneering polyamorous dating series. Alongside the announcement, the producers unveiled a trailer offering a glimpse into the upcoming series. The show unfolds on a secluded tropical island, where four couples engage with a group of singles, many of whom boast prior experiences in polyamorous relationships. Here’s everything you need to know about “Couple to Throuple.”

Couple to Throuple Release Date & Time

The release date of “Couple to Throuple” is Thursday, February 8, 2024. 

What to Expect?

The show takes place on a remote tropical island, which is a great place for couples to explore the aspects of polyamorous relationships. The couples, with the help of Scott Evans and Shamyra Howard, learn about the difficulties of being non-monogamous and question common ideas about love and commitment. The couples can meet and date fourteen people who are open-minded. Many of them have been in polyamorous relationships before. While the pairs are mixing with the singles, they deal with the thrill and stress of meeting possible third mates.

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The relationships are put to the ultimate test as the couples deal with their feelings, deal with drama, and think about adding a third person to their relationship. The couples have to decide if they are ready to commit to a throuple relationship because there is three times as much fun and feeling. Expert on sex and relationships Shamyra Howard helps and guides the couples as they go through their path.

With her help, the couples figure out what they want, talk to each other clearly, and build trust as they deal with the challenges of polyamorous relationships. The couples have to make a choice at the end of their time in paradise. They can decide to commit as a throuple, go back home the way they came, or go their different ways. The season finale will show how the journey ends and what choices they make about their relationships.


The host of “Couple to Throuple” is Access Hollywood co-anchor Scott Evans. It is also guided by sex and relationship expert Howard.


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Chicago Attorney Ashmal Ali and Partner Rehman Bhatti

Ashmal Ali, 27, is an attorney from Chicago, and his partner Rehman Bhatti, 31, is from Detroit, Michigan. They are the only same-sex couple on “Couple to Throuple.” Their journey looks like it will give us a new way to look at non-monogamous relationships, showing us how they work and the problems LGBTQ+ couples face in these kinds of situations.

Corey Potter and Wilder Bunke

Corey Potter, 29, from Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and Wilder Bunke, 30, from Los Angeles, enter the show with a curiosity about non-monogamy. As they navigate the complexities of opening up their relationship to a third person, they hope to discover whether the throuple dynamic aligns with their desires and values.

Brittne Babe and Sean Williams

Both hailing from Los Angeles, California, Brittne Babe, 28, and Sean Williams, 30, find themselves embarking on a novel journey as they explore the possibility of a three-person relationship for the first time. Their presence adds a layer of intrigue as they navigate uncharted emotional territories and seek to redefine the boundaries of their connection.

Lauren and Dylan Bair

Lauren Bair, 29, and Dylan Bair, 32, from Fountain Hills, Arizona, represent the only married pair among the contestants. Their decision to participate in “Couple to Throuple” suggests a willingness to challenge traditional relationship norms and explore new dimensions of intimacy and companionship.

The Singles

Along with the four couples, “Couple to Throuple” has 14 open-minded singles who are ready to shake things up as possible thirds in the couples’ relationships. Fit expert Jess Olson, meditation teacher Darrien Seqqoya, relationship coach Sanu Stevens, and Playboy Bunny Denyse Davis are a few of them. A lot of the singles have experience with throuple dynamics, so they bring a lot of different ideas and views to the table, which helps the contestants change and grow.

Where to Watch Couple to Throuple?

You can watch “Couple to Throuple” Peacock.

Watch the trailer here

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