David Tennant, originally starring in the Doctor Who television show, will reprise a role from Star Wars: The Clones in the Ahsoka television series. During the Star Wars Celebration, the Ahsoka panel confirmed the cast after the Ahsoka teaser unveiled familiar and unfamiliar faces from the Star Wars universe. Ahsoka will carry on the relatively recent Star Wars history of integrating animated series characters into live-action films, including Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

In the planned Ahsoka television series, David Tennant will voice a live-action rendition of the robot Huyang. Huyang was first given a voice by Tennant in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The announcement follows the first Ahsoka trailer’s revelation of the droid’s return to the Star Wars universe. Chopper, Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen), and Ahsoka herself are other Ahsoka characters that are derived from animated series.

David Tennant’s Ahsoka Character Explained:

Ahsoka Tano’s most recent Star Wars experience before making her live-action debut had been in Star Wars Rebels, despite being conceived for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While Rebels is developing Ahsoka’s story, several familiar faces from the Clone Wars are also making a comeback.

That includes Huyang, who debuted in “A Test of Strength” from the Clone Wars. Huyang was in charge of instructing Jedi apprentices in constructing their own lightsabers at the Jedi Temple, a task that Star Wars hardly ever depicts on film.

In the two concluding episodes of the Jedi Younglings storyline, “Bound for Rescue” and “A Necessary Bond,” Tennant returned as Huyang. Ahsoka Tano was also prominently featured in the Jedi Younglings arc. Huyang’s live-action debuts take place in Ahsoka, which is most appropriate given that the Younglings arc was essentially an Ahsoka arc as well.

Strangely, even though the robot was clearly not Force-sensitive, David Tennant’s Star Wars characters knew every trick to making a lightsaber. Huyang could nevertheless gather information about the Jedi and the Force due to his long existence.

That is why the Jedi Order gave him significant responsibility for the Jedi Younglings’ instruction. It will be intriguing to find out what happened to Huyang after the Clone Wars and how Ahsoka Tano and David Tennant’s Ahsoka persona get back in touch.

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