Watch the trailer of ‘Detroit’: Kathryn Bigelow uncovers The Algiers Motel Tragedy

Katheryn Bigelow is back with a bang. Her type of bang though, is not just something explosive or intense put on screen, it is always accompanied by a statement. In ‘Detroit’, she tackles the Algiers Motel killings amidst the riots of 1967. The story of this film was shrouded in mystery until yesterday, but to tell you the truth, the trailer’s brilliantly designed to present an idea of what path the film would choose to lead you through but that is pretty much it. The shots are cleverly organized to hint at a similar flow to her previous film, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. I would have personally opted for Ryan Coogler to direct something sensitive like this, as movies based on polarizing subject matter always tend to be hit or miss. John Boyega seems to be in a leading role, a black security guard engaged in a battle with his identity and duty. We have Anthony Mackie, a mandatory presence in every race-related movie, and Will Poulter in his most dynamic role up to date, as the policeman who was tried for murder. The best moment of the trailer I believe is when we hear an offscreen voice say “It’s a war zone out there. They’re destroying the city.” and we see shots of the U.S Military using their artillery. Bigelow has opted to stick to her style of laying out a gripping drama, without compensating for the social commentary. With chaotic scenes, the movie appears to be quite an accurate depiction of the events, but whether it is successful in capturing the emotions along with that is the big question.