Domina is a British-Italian historical drama television series created and written by Simon Burke for Sky Atlantic (Italy) and Sky Atlantic (UK). Starring Kasia Smutniak as Livia Drusilla, it examines the power struggles of Ancient Rome from a female perspective. The series premiered in Italy and the UK on May 14, 2021. MGM+ renewed Domina for Season 2, which premiered on July 9, 2023, in the United States.

The series charts the life and rise of Livia Drusilla, the mighty wife of the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar. Livia is a complex and ambitious woman determined to use her position to further her political ambitions. She is also a skilled manipulator, unafraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants.

Domina Season 2 Plot: 

In Season 2, Domina takes us deeper into the captivating power struggle for control over the Roman Empire and the Imperial Family. Maintaining its unique perspective from a female lens, the series follows Livia Drusilla, a prominent Claudii family member who returns to Rome after ten years in exile. Fueled by determination, Livia seeks to reclaim what was stolen from her. Now, amidst a turbulent empire and a dysfunctional dynasty, she must fight to preserve her marriage to Gaius and secure her son’s rightful place on the throne.

Episodes listing:

Episode 1: Conspiracy
Episode 2: Wedding
Episode 3: Betrayal
Episode 4: Exile
Episode 5: Sacrilege
Episode 6: Freedom
Episode 7: Curse
Episode 8: Control

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What to Expect in Domina Season 2?

With Livia Drusilla’s and Gaius’s reconciliation at the end of Season 1, viewers are left eager to discover the following chapters of their gripping story. They are inspired by the classic series “I, Claudius,” based on Robert Graves’ renowned book, Domina Season 2 promises further intrigue and political maneuvering. Historically, Livia played a significant role in securing the succession for her troubled son Tiberius. This storyline remains untapped in Season 1. Fans eagerly anticipate exploring this narrative arc in the upcoming season.

Additionally, the audience can expect to witness Livia’s involvement in banishing Gaius’ daughter Julia to a secluded island. The conniving nature of Livia will become increasingly apparent as she orchestrates the banishment and subsequent demise of Julia’s son, Posthumous. The complexities of Livia’s character and her “kill count” are set to evolve as the season progresses.


The cast of Domina Season 2 boasts exceptional talent, ensuring the continuation of stellar performances. Kasia Smutniak brilliantly portrays the resolute Livia Drusilla, while Matthew McNulty captures the essence of Gaius, her husband. Joining them are several returning cast members, including Liah O’Prey as Julia, Ben Batt as Agrippa, Ewan Horrocks as Drusus, Claire Forlani as Octavia, Darrell D’Silva as Piso, Christine Bottomley as Scribonia, and Alais Lawson as Marcella.

This season introduces new cast members who add depth to the impressive ensemble. Benjamin Isaac takes on the role of Tiberius, compellingly portraying Livia’s troubled son. Joelle, known for her performances in “Dune” and “The School for Good and Evil,” joins as Vipsania, bringing her exceptional talent to the series. David Avery, recognized from “Doctor Who” and “The Inbetweeners Movie,” portrays the young aristocrat Domitius, enriching the storyline with his skills.

Domina Season 2 Release Date

The second series premiered on 9 July 2023 in the US, on 10 July in Australia, and on 8 September in Italy and the UK.

Where to Watch Domina Season 2?

You can watch Domina Season 2 on MGM+ and Fubo TV.

Is there a trailer for Domina Season 2?

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