ALLBLK recently released the trailer for Double Cross (Season 5) and fans can’t hold back their excitement for this thrilling American series. The 6-episode hit series will be returning soon on the screen yet again filled with exciting plots, mysteries, and explosive moments. Let’s get into details regarding its cast & characters, release date, plot, and where you can watch it.

Double Cross (Season 5) Cast & Character Explained

Ashley A. Williams as Erica Cross

Actress and director Ashley A. Williams is well-known for her roles in the films Frat Brothers (2013), His, Hers & the Truth (2019), and Black Boots (2013). In Double Cross, she plays the role of Erica Cross, sister to Eric Cross.

Jeff Logan as Eric Cross

Jeff Logan starred as the lead in all three seasons of the criminal series Double Cross as Eric Cross and is well-known for the Cardi B song Press’s music video.

Darrin Dewitt Henson as Detective Ryan

Dewitt Henson is an American choreographer, director, producer, dancer and actor. He plays the role of Detective Ryan in Double Cross.

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Jasmine Brown as Keenya

Jasmin Brown is a well-known actress popular for her roles in Caught Up (2023), A Miami Love Story (2017) and Zatima (2022). She steps into the role of Keenya in Double Cross.


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Judi Johnson as Robin

Born and raised in Jamaica, Judi Johnson relocated to Maryland with her family and started her acting career. She plays the role of Robin in this series.

Redaric Williams as Deandre

Redaric Williams, a.k.a. Jimmie Williams is a well-known American actor, model, musician, and author. He is popular for his role as Tyler in The Young and the Restless. In Double Cross, he takes up the character of Deandre.

Faith Malonte as Nurse Brian

Popular for his roles in Los Angeles Kidnapping (2017), and Deadbeat (The Movie), Faith Malonte plays the character of Nurse Brian in this thrilling series.

Candice Van Beauty as Tanya

Known for her performance in The Nth Ward (2017) and Christmas Déjà Vu (2021), Candice Van Beauty plays the part of Tanya in the series.

Gabriela Smith as Officer Lopez

Gabriela Smith is a well-known actress famous for her roles in Sienna’s Choice (2016) and Turnover (2019). She plays the role of Officer Lopez in Double Cross.

Double Cross (Season 5) Release Date

Double Cross (Season 5) will be released on January 18, 2024.

Double Cross (Season 5) Plot

In Double Cross (Season 5), the story revolves around the Cross siblings, Eric and Erica, who happen to be twins. They get caught up in a series of events that lead to the kidnapping of Eric’s baby. This creates drama and chaos in the Cross family which the siblings deal with. 

Meanwhile, a school bus full of children suddenly disappears, adding to the mystery and suspense of the series. The series follows the Cross twins, In their relentless fight against child trafficking, facing unique challenges and heightened stakes. The series will feature a mix of suspense, personal drama, and justice.

Where to Watch Double Cross (Season 5)?

Double Cross Season 5 will air on January 18, 2024, and will be available to stream on the ALLBLK platform. We don’t have any information currently as to whether the show will be available on major streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

Episodes Listing

The details of the episodes are currently unavailable.

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Watch the Trailer here

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