In the Dragon Ball Z universe, Vegeta is a very important character. His transformation from a bad guy to a not-so-bad guy has intrigued fans all over the world. Although Goku is the main focus, Vegeta’s intricate personality, which is connected to his family, brings depth to the story. If you are confused about the Vegeta family, then do not worry, we are here to explain you the Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta family tree. This will help you to understand its characters and how they have changed over time.

King Vegeta

The very first person in the Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta Family Tree is King Vegeta. King Vegeta, the very powerful leader of Planet Vegeta, comes out as an extremely important person in the history of Saiyans. Even though he is very strong, his weaknesses become apparent when he has to face strong opponents like Frieza and Lord Beerus. We can see King Vegeta’s interesting two-sided personality. It focuses on important events like when his son Tarble was sent away and the big expectations that were put on Prince Vegeta.


Vegeta’s character arc is an exceptional work of art when it comes to his transformation. At first, he was shown as a very bad enemy, but then he goes through a big journey and ends up becoming a famous anti-hero. We saw Vegeta’s complicated relationships, and how he changed from being a bad guy to becoming a family person. The never-ending fight to be better than Goku, even though he comes from a royal family, makes for an interesting story of an underdog that connects with people who watch it.


Bulma, who has been a character in the Dragon Ball series for a long time, brings her smartness and creativity to the Saiyan saga. She is an important scientist and inventor. It mainly focuses on things she made, like the dragon radar. It examines how her character changes, from wanting the Dragon Balls for herself to becoming an important Earth representative in the latest Dragon Ball releases.

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Trunks, who is the oldest child of Vegeta and Bulma, gets a mix of his parents’ characteristics. The anime examines Trunks’s personality, focusing on his super Saiyan abilities, his desire to protect others, and his fun-loving nature. The character becomes more complex due to the special connection he has with Goku’s son, Goten, and their fusion abilities.


Bulla, the newest member of Vegeta’s family, is shown as a baby in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Even though her powers have not shown up yet, the anime talks about her possible Saiyan skills and compares them to Pan’s journey. The mention of her being babysat by Lord Beerus is very interesting and makes us curious. It also adds a funny touch in the ‘Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta Family Tree.

Future Trunks

We all know about Future Trunks’s big entry into the Dragon Ball story. He played a big part in facing Frieza and King Cold. His past in a world that got destroyed and the difference with the current Trunks makes his character more complex. In Dragon Ball: Super, Future Trunks comes back and fights Zamasu. This shows that Future Trunks is a hero who travels through time.

Tarble and Gure

When we explore the not-so-well-known parts of the Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta Family Tree, we come across Tarble, who is the timid and exiled brother. In Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!, there is a character named Tarble who has an alien wife named Gure. They go on a quest to seek help from Vegeta. 

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