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Every time 007’s Watch saved his Life

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This post on 007 Watches May contain spoilers

James Bond is without doubt the world’s most famous “not so secret” agent, everyone knows his name. The man of legend was first conjured up in 1952 in the Book Casino Royale by Ian Fleming, a well-known author who was himself a naval intelligence officer. To date there have been a whopping 25 movies (not counting spin-offs) and over the course of these movies, bond has killed well over 300 people. He has done so using everything, from guns, helicopters, electricity. Q branch has also made sure that the man is more endowed than inspector gadget in the gadget department, he has owned everything from remote controlled cars, jet packs, laser cameras and explosive tooth paste.

007 Omega-Museum-James-Bond-Seamaster

This blog post however is all about James Bond’s watches. Ever since the 1962 release of Dr.No the Rolex Submariner was always the iconic James Bond watch, Ian Fleming himself stated that a James Bond watch had to be a Rolex, unfortunately though for the first five movies at least, they didn’t do much apart from tell time.It wasn’t until 1965 and the release of Thunderball that James Bond got his first Gadget watch in the form of Breitling which also doubles up as a Geiger counter. Although this didn’t save his life in a dramatic fight sequence, it helped James Bond find atomic warheads that wouldn’t have done his health any good if they had gone off.

When in 1973 Roger Moore starred as James Bond in Live and Let die, the watch gadgets finally started to get a little more sophisticated and boy was it good timing for Mr Moore! During a fight with the villain Kananga, Bond ends up tied to a crane which dangles and slowly lowers them into a shark tank. Bond uses the watches, magnetic power to remove a gas pellet from his shark gun and cuts through the ropes allowing him to have a hand to fight with Kananga, resulting in one of the strangest movie deaths of all time.

In the 1979 Moonraker Bonds Seiko contains detonator cord, which bond uses to blow through a wall, save the girl and escape the heat of a rocket launch. Of course he finishes the scene off with a quote “Bang on Time”. Bond is captured and left to die beneath the rocket engine bays as it prepares to launch, this is when he makes his daring escape, just as the flames lick at his heels.

The era of the Pierce Brosnan as Bond, is without doubt the most gadget ridden, especially in the watch department. Every single Omega that Brosnan wears, comes with either a grappling hook, a remote detonator or a laser, every single one used in a daring escape. The grappling hook watch is used to escape from large pits where he and his girl have been left to die, the laser watch is used to cut through floors or ice and the detonator watch with no explosives is sneakily used to crack a glass jar containing a grenade without a pin holding it closed and causing it to explode. Brosnan is without doubt the king of watch gadgets.

007 bondwatch1

Lastly we come to Daniel Craig. The most recent Bond, featured in 4 movies, the most recent of which Spectre, was the only one to feature a watch gadget. Was this used in a daring escape? Of course, this time the watch itself is an explosive, the timer is started by twisting the bezel. In true Bond fashion he is tied up being tortured in front of one of his many girls, he cuts himself loose and throws the explosive at the feet of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, literally saving himself from the jaws of death.

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