Evil Dead Rise Locations: The Evil Dead franchise is loved by many, and its latest installment Evil Dead Rise did not disappoint the fans. Director Lee Cronin’s decision to set the movie primarily in an urban environment adds a unique twist to the story while still delivering the instinctive horror that fans have come to love. With its gory action sequences and atmospheric settings, “Evil Dead Rise” became a bone-chilling addition to the beloved series. 

What is the Movie about?

In “Evil Dead Rise,” the story starts around cousins Teresa and Jessica and Jessica’s boyfriend Caleb, who decide to spend their vacation at a lakeside cabin. However, things take a horrifying turn when Jessica, seemingly unwell, inexplicably attacks Teresa by scalping her and decapitating Caleb. 

The story then introduces Beth, a guitar technician who is upset after discovering she is pregnant. Seeking consolation, she visits her sister Ellie, who is a tattoo artist and a single mother to teenagers Danny and Bridget, as well as young Kassie. 

While the children are in the apartment complex’s basement parking lot, an earthquake rattles the surroundings, revealing a hidden chamber in the building. Curiosity gets the better of Danny, and he explores the chamber, stumbling upon religious artifacts, three phonograph records dating back to 1923, and a peculiar book. Danny decides to take the book to his room, hoping to sell it and use the money to support Ellie.

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As the story progresses, the first phonograph record provides insights into a priest’s unsuccessful attempts to study the book. Suddenly, the building’s power fails, and Ellie becomes possessed by an unseen evil force. She returns to the apartment in a trance-like state, threatening her family with dangerous gestures. Ultimately, Ellie dies, but not before urging Beth to protect her children from the approaching evil. Beth is now tasked with safeguarding her niece and nephews from the evil forces lurking within.

Where was Evil Dead Rise shot?: Filming Locations 

“Evil Dead Rise” took its production to the beautiful country of New Zealand, specifically in and around Auckland. The filming lasted until late October 2021, creating a chilling and intense experience for the cast and crew.

One notable aspect of “Evil Dead Rise” is its departure from the traditional cabin-in-the-woods backdrop that has become synonymous with the franchise. Director Lee Cronin, known for his distinct vision, decided to set the movie primarily in the modern-day urban environment of Los Angeles. By choosing Auckland as the filming location, Cronin aimed to expand the scope of the story while still retaining the essence of the series.

Auckland played an important role in bringing the terror of “Evil Dead Rise” to life. The production team made extensive use of various features and sites within the city to create the desired atmosphere for the film. While a significant portion of the gory action takes place in Ellie’s apartment, there are also scenes set in a triangular rural residence within the woods, which pays tribute to the franchise’s iconic setting.

Evil Dead Rise Filming Locations
A still from Evil Dead Rise (2023).

Filming Facilities and Landmarks

Aside from using the cityscape of Auckland, the “Evil Dead Rise” production team also took advantage of the facilities offered by one of the film studios in and around the city. This collaboration allowed them to bring their creative vision to life and ensured a seamless filming experience.

Throughout the film, keen-eyed viewers will likely spot several recognizable landmarks and parks in the backdrop of exterior shots. These include the iconic twin towers of the National Bank Centre, the Auckland Domain, the vibrant Albert Park, the serene Myers Park, the lush Western Park, and the charming Victoria Park. These landmarks add a touch of familiarity to the movie and contribute to the immersive experience of the audience.

The Apartment: A Cabin in the Woods

In an interview with the AU Review, actresses Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan, who stars in the film, shed some light on the shooting process. Sullivan mentioned that the end sequence proved to be one of the most challenging parts to film, as it was a continuous flow of action and chaos. 

She compared the experience to a video game, where they moved through the carnage, surrounded by blood and guts. The final sequence was particularly demanding, as it was filmed after a nine-week lockdown, adding an additional layer of intensity to the process. Cronin cleverly envisioned Ellie’s apartment as a metaphorical cabin in the woods, where the hallways and various aspects of the building acted as the spooky forest. This unique approach brings a fresh perspective to the franchise while still honoring its roots.

Is ‘Evil Dead Rise’ available to stream on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime Video? 

Yes. Evil Dead Rise can now be streamed on Max (formerly HBO Max).  

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