When it comes to American TV sitcoms, Extended Family stands out as a special. It breaks away from the usual storylines about divorce causing family rifts. The show was made by Mike O’Malley, who has a lot of skills. It’s about a divorced couple who decide to work together to raise their kids. It’s a different and interesting perspective on life after divorce.

Extended Family Cast & Characters Explained

Extended Family boasts an ensemble cast that breathes life into the characters, making each episode a captivating experience.

  • Jon Cryer as Jim: Bringing depth and authenticity to the character of Jim, Cryer’s portrayal is bound to resonate with viewers.
  • Donald Faison as Trey: The charismatic Faison takes on the role of Trey, Julia’s fiancé, injecting humor and charm into the series.
  • Abigail Spencer as Julia: Spencer’s nuanced performance as Julia, Jim’s ex-wife, adds emotional depth to the storyline.
  • Sofia Capanna as Grace: As Jim and Julia’s daughter, Capanna captures the essence of navigating the challenges of a post-divorce family.
  • Finn Sweeney as Jimmy Jr.: Sweeney takes on the role of Jim and Julia’s son, delivering a performance that adds a youthful and relatable dimension.
  • Lenny Clarke as Bobby: Clarke portrays Jim’s father, contributing to the show’s rich tapestry of familial relationships.
  • Rico E. Anderson as Officer Franks: Anderson’s portrayal of Officer Franks adds a touch of humor and unpredictability to the series.

Extended Family Release Date and Time

Extended Family made a splash with a special early premiere on Friday, December 23, at 8 pm ET/PT on NBC, creating a buzz among eager viewers. The regular time slot debut is set for Tuesday, January 2, at 8:30 pm ET/PT. For those who prefer streaming, new episodes will be available on Peacock the following day, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.


The heart of Extended Family lies in the post-divorce journey of Jim and Julia, who, despite parting ways, opt to maintain a united front in raising their children. This unconventional approach to co-parenting introduces a novel dynamic, keeping the family together under one roof while taking turns. However, the narrative takes an intriguing turn when Trey, the charismatic owner of the Boston Celtics, enters the scene, adding a layer of complexity to Jim’s life by winning Julia’s heart.

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Where to Watch Extended Family?

For avid fans looking to catch Extended Family, NBC is the go-to destination every Tuesday. Additionally, all episodes will be available on Peacock for streaming on Wednesdays, ensuring flexibility in viewing for a diverse audience.

Episodes Listing

Here’s the titles of the episodes:

  • S1.E1 – Pilot
  • S1.E2 – The Consequences of Making Yourself at Home
  • S1.E3 – The Consequences of Gaming
  • S1.E4The Consequences of Sushi
  • S1.E5The Consequences of Matchmaking
  • S1.E6The Consequences of Status
  • S1.E7 – The Consequences of Sleepovers
  • S1.E8 – The Consequences of Loaning Your Dad Money
  • S1.E9 – The Consequences of Helping People

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