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Top Family Movies to Enjoy with Spectrum Internet

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Relationships are like seeds, if you do not water them well, they might die, even if you think they are evergreen and all grown up and have matured but if they are not nurtured regularly they cannot flourish. We all have watched millions of movies, some we love and can watch over and over again and some we don’t mind watching again – there is a difference, right?

We all are so engulfed with progression in terms of either work or education that at times we overlook our families for longer times – longer than usual. Who does not want to spend time with their family? Watching movies with a delish homemade meal and cozy environment is something we all long for? No matter how busy your life gets, you should know how to prioritize your time especially when it comes to irreplaceable parts of life, like family. We can meet millions of people and make thousands of friends but family shall always carry our blood, no matter how far we go from one another.

Watch something that inspires you, motivates you, and gives you a lesson morally or emotionally rather than something that drains you. Particularly, when you are the host or someone who is taking the lead of arranging a movie night wherever you think is feasible for all; the movies should be well-researched with the perspective of not just killing time but to spend a quality night with your loved ones. Such moments remain in our memories forever as something relishing that everybody looks forward to experiencing again. Here are some movies that you will not just enjoy watching with your family members but would cherish for the longest times to come. Before we jump to the list, it is important to note that if you are planning to stream the following movies online, you will need a high-speed internet that offers constant connectivity to the web. So, if you are looking for a reliable service, we highly recommend Spectrum Internet as it comes with incredible internet speeds with an unlimited data allowance. With that said, let us discuss some of the best movies that you can enjoy with your family on a weekend.

The Breakfast Club (1985)

Duration: 97 minutes

Five high-school stereotypes come together and conjointly discover themselves. The plot of this movie is wonderful, right.  It will surely keep your people hooked for hours. Coming from different circles, these five teenagers have categorically no similar interests. Although, they are all stuck in Saturday Detention. Due to the situation, they are bound to interact and in due course, they shed off the roles that are given to them by society. This movie will make you apprehend the power of bonds and friendships, and will bring the relationships closest to you.

Akeelah and the Bee (2006)

Duration: 112 minutes

As mentioned earlier, that this list is made keeping in mind that it strengthens the relationships by pulling some emotional strings. Therefore, my pick for the next movie is Akeelah and the Bee. Why? Because it is full of great lessons on how to repel peer pressure, long-lasting true friendships, persistence. Moreover, in the end, how you can benefit from your strengths like hard work that can get you a lot more than the golden trophy. In addition to this, you will find Keke Palmer a true delight to watch; the characters will defiantly give you something significant to pick.

The Sandlot (1993)

Duration: 101 minutes

Since it is a family movie night, you will be surrounded by your parents and siblings. What is better to watch than The Sandlot? This movie takes you to the summers of 1962, where some young boys love to play baseball. You would enjoy how a new boy Smalls joins the team of baseball to learn it and how he uncovers his rowdiness and adventures, which involves the game itself too. Everything in an innocent manner; all the mischiefs played. It is going to be a perfect movie to muse over and relive your childhood mischievousness.

The Watcher in the Woods (2017)

Duration: 84 minutes

If you or someone on your guest lists is a horror movie fan, it is good to find a movie to entertain such an audience too. On the other hand, maybe it is you, and you feel like watching the spooky movie for fun, which is not too spooky! You should check out this Disney ghost story about two girls who move into an old mansion, which has some concealed bizarre secrets. It has all the ingredients of horror movies like frightening flashes of light and glimpses of the supernatural that counts several flashbacks of a blindfolded little girl. Everything adding to the amusingly spooky for kids ten and above, chances are you might also just jump in your seat, too.

Author: Andy Greenfield

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