Fantastic Friends Season 2 brings more magical moments and thrilling adventures to the screen. Twin brothers James and Oliver Phelps, known for their roles in the Harry Potter films, return as the main stars alongside a talented cast. The official trailer teases thrilling adventures and new bonds that attracts viewers. You will be on a journey filled with magic, friendship, and extraordinary experiences with Fantastic Friends Season 2.

Fantastic Friends (Season 2) Cast and Guest Stars:

Season 2 features the dynamic duo James and Oliver Phelps, who portray the twin brothers James and Oliver in the series. Joining them are a host of talented actors, including Corey Mylchreest, Alfred Enoch, and Matthew Lewis. Fans will also be thrilled to see some familiar faces from the Harry Potter franchise, such as Stanislav Yanevski, Natalia Tena, and Mark Williams.

The new season also welcomes exciting guest stars, further adding to the show’s charm. Alfie Allen, widely recognized for his role in Game of Thrones, makes an appearance, along with Genesis Rodriguez from The Umbrella Academy. Corey Mylchreest, known for his role in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, also joins the cast. The inclusion of these talented actors promises an engaging viewing experience for fans.

Fantastic Friends (Season 2) Plot:

Following the success of the first season, Fantastic Friends Season 2 delivers even more adventures and heartwarming moments. Get ready for the twin brothers’ thrilling adventures and their fearless spirit. From exhilarating upside-down flights in tiny planes to stunning underwater snorkeling and even conducting trains, James and Oliver Phelps take viewers on a whirlwind journey.

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The spotlight also shines on the special guests of the season. Each guest star shares the screen with the Phelps twins, reinforcing the strong bond they developed while working on the Harry Potter films. This connection between the cast members creates a genuine on-screen camaraderie that resonates with the audience.

What happened in Fantastic Friends Season 1?

In the previous season of Fantastic Friends, the Phelps twins went on worldly adventures alongside their former Harry Potter co-stars and other notable actors. Cast members Bonnie Wright, Luke Youngblood, and Evanna Lynch accompanied James and Oliver Phelps on their thrilling escapades. The adventure also included Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones, Haley Joel Osment from The Sixth Sense, and Sophie Skelton from Outlander. Together, they created an amazing ensemble that brought the show to life.

Oliver Phelps described the experience of working alongside his brother and closest friends as a perfect combination. He emphasized their goal to make the audience feel like they were part of the journey. Judging by the Season 2 trailer, it’s clear that they have succeeded in creating an amazing experience for viewers.

Fantastic Friends Season 2 Release Date

The release date of Fantastic Friends Season 2 is August 9, 2023.

Where to Watch Fantastic Friends Season 2

You can watch Fantastic Friends Season 2 on The CW,

Daniel Sharp, known for his work on Billy & Dom Eat The World and Vikings: The Rise and Fall, directs and produces Fantastic Friends. Alongside UK producers Dash Pictures, he brings his expertise to ensure a top-notch production that attracts audiences.

Episode Listing

1. Belize with Alfred Enoch

James and Oliver Phelps go on a walk with Alfie Enoch through Belize’s woods. They see Mayan ruins, mysterious caves, Mennonite culture, San Pedro’s street food, the Blue Hole, and the magical coral reefs.

2. Singapore with Mark Williams

Join James, Oliver, and Arthur Weasley as they discover the colourful Singapore: sidecar rides, Chinatown, lion dancing, the natural beauty of Pulau Ubin, and Peranakan culture. Fun for the whole family with an enthralling mix of culture, adventure, and luxury.

3. Melbourne with Corey Mylchreest

Witness the Yarra River, the Penguin Parade, a go-kart racing, a surf lesson on the Great Ocean Road, the Puffing Billy train, and WWII plane acrobatics as James, Oliver, and Corey Mylchreest go into the wonderful city of Melbourne. An amazing adventure around Australia.

4. Türkiye with Natalia Tena

After meeting up with Natalie Tena in Istanbul, James and Oliver had a blast exploring the city’s many attractions, including the Galata Tower, the Bosporus, the ski-doos, the Turkish treats, and the magical spice bazaar. An enchanting adventure filled with camaraderie, flavors, and heritage.

5. Florida with Alfie Allen

Ybor City, the Tampa Bay Pirates baseball game, Amalie Arena ice hockey, and a spooky hotel are all on the list for James, Oliver, and Alfie Allen’s (Game of Thrones) sunny Tampa adventure. An enchanted display of the arts, sports, and gastronomy of Tampa Bay.

6. Santiago with Genesis Rodriguez

James, Oliver, and Genesis Rodriguez (Umbrella Academy) go to Santiago, Chile, on a wonderful trip. They learn about the secrets of lapis lazuli, see beautiful circus shows, learn the Cueca dance, and go to farms in Chile.

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7. Lake Como with Stan Ianevski

Stan Ianevski (Victor Krum in Harry Potter) takes James and Oliver on a dangerous car trip to Lake Como. They ride through the fields of France, over the dangerous Furka Pass in the Swiss Alps, learn how to make watches, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

8. Patagonia with Matthew Lewis

James, Oliver, and Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) go on an adventure in Patagonia, Chile. Along the way, they learn how to herd sheep, ride horses, and see wild pumas. An epic journey full of beautiful nature and friendship.

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