Fargo (Season 5) Episode 6 Preview: “The Tiger,” the 5th episode of Fargo season 5, takes an exciting turn as the story breaks down a web of surprising disclosures and heightened tensions. A chain reaction begins with Dot’s shocking revelation to Deputy Olmstead and ripples through the plot, redefining the limits of the Fargo universe. 

Dot is confined to a psychiatric hospital after becoming entangled in a wicked scheme hatched by her fearsome mother-in-law, Lorraine, in the wake of the recent home fire. What actually happened in the end of the episode and what should you expect in the upcoming episode 6? We have covered all this for you in our article so read it till the end.

What happened in Fargo (Season 5) Episode 5?

  • Dot wakes up in Lorraine’s guest bedroom and is unexpectedly committed to a psychiatric hospital by Lorraine’s lawyer, Danish Graves, with the help of orderlies.
  • Lorraine orchestrates Dot’s commitment as part of her desperate plan to eliminate her daughter-in-law.
  • Lorraine meets with bankers, making a multimillion-dollar offer to buy their bank and transition from debt to credit business.
  • Lorraine pressures the bankers to sell, showcasing her ruthless nature and business acumen.
  • Sheriff Roy Tillman, possibly Scotty’s biological father, informs Lorraine that Dot is his wife, revealing a wedding photo and their marriage date.
  • Despite the opportunity to use this information against Dot, Lorraine hesitates due to her son’s love for Dot and her affection for her granddaughter.
  • FBI Agents Meyer and Joaquin, in pursuit of Sheriff Tillman, confront Dot at the hospital, offering to help her.
  • Dot is skeptical but caught between FBI agents and law enforcement searching for her.
  • Tillman, after visiting Lorraine, instructs his son Gator to implement Plan B: “Take the husband.”
  • Gator’s crew attempts to kidnap Wayne, but Dot, anticipating the move, swaps name-cards, resulting in the abduction of another patient, Jordan Seymore.
  • Dot escapes from the hospital after subduing an orderly and creating diversions.
  • She narrowly avoids detection from Gator’s crew and manages to slip away, showcasing her resourcefulness.
  • Lorraine reveals Deputy Olmstead’s significant debt, totaling $192,000, including mortgage, car loans, student loans, medical bills, and credit cards.
  • Lorraine could potentially use Olmstead’s financial situation as leverage to influence the investigation.
  • Dot confesses to Deputy Olmstead about her marriage to Tillman at a young age, linking recent chaotic events to this revelation.
  • Dot leaves her son Scotty with the Olmsteads, signaling a significant plot development as Dot takes charge of the Tillman situation with at least one law enforcement officer on her side.

Where can I stream Fargo (Season 5) Episode 6?

You can watch Episode 6 on Hulu.

Release date and time:

Fargo Season 5 Episode 6 will release on December 20, 2023.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

There has been no official confirmation of when Fargo Season 5 Episode 6 will be released. However, fresh episodes are usually released at 12:01 A.M. Eastern Time, according to their customary routine. Consequently, the anticipated release time is:

  • 9:01 A.M. –Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • 12:01 A.M. – Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • 5:01 P.M. – British Summer Time (BST) or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • 6:01 P.M. – Central European Standard Time (CEST) or Central European Daylight Time (CEDT)

What to expect from Fargo (Season 5), Episode 6?

  • Expect to witness the aftermath of Dot’s confession to Deputy Olmstead and her decision to take matters into her own hands.
  • Explore how Dot navigates the complex web of chaos surrounding her, now that she has enlisted the support of at least one law enforcement officer.
  • Look forward to Lorraine’s response to the revelation of Dot’s marriage to Sheriff Tillman and how it influences her ruthless quest to remove Dot from the picture.
  • Anticipate whether Lorraine uses the newfound information to her advantage, potentially leveraging it against Dot or manipulating the ongoing investigation.
  • With FBI agents Meyer and Joaquin in the mix, expect further developments in their pursuit of Sheriff Tillman and their interactions with Dot.
  • Explore whether Dot continues to collaborate with the FBI or if tensions arise as conflicting interests come to the forefront.
  • Gator’s failed attempt to kidnap Wayne adds a layer of unpredictability. Watch for Gator’s response to this setback and how it influences the larger Tillman family dynamics.


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