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Fleabag Amazon Prime Review [2016-]: Unbosoming Depression

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Fleabag Amazon Prime

To a lot of people depression seems like a disturbingly grave topic to discuss. It is so downright personal. Therefore, trying to express it and impart the horrors of depression is a daunting task. But here we are talking about a TV series, a mass media channel, so such an idea might fell victim to the prejudices and that is totally understandable.

Fleabag had deftly dealt with the repercussions thereby sketching a vibrant and dynamic perspective of depression. How? Adding a comical angle to play. Fleabag is a brilliant, ingenious, thought-provoking and audacious series created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge who also plays the lead titular role. Traumatized by her past and demolished by the sudden demise of her best friend, Fleabag tries to cope with what transpires around her and reconcile with her past.

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The pilot episode starts with a flash. With 6 episodes of flawless performances filled with quips and quirky rhetoric delivers a dismal version of a life cushioned by a thin layer of comedy. The plot, the sequences and the underlying essence of the series seems so realistic that it poignantly echoes the woes of a depressed person.

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One of the many aspects that I liked about the deliverance of Fleabag is its spontaneity or abruptness. In this drama events unfold at a surprising pace and the sudden strokes of non-linearity is so well blended that it justifies the purpose. The second thing that I liked is the way how the disparate relationships are entwined with the plot because when it comes to depicting a theme like depression relationships is one of the few things thing that comes to our mind.

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Fleabag Amazon Prime is shown as a character who unfortunately falls to consternation when it comes to her trying to grip with piebald relationships. To me it is a very critical element to emphasize and thus it is amazing to see how Fleabag’s slightly disturbed relationships with her family and friends rekindles the same despair and hopelessness. After a couple of tragic events she kind of becomes flippant in welcoming relationships and ties.

Finally, the best part of the series for me was the last episode of the season. This particular episode unfurled one of the best performances that I have seen. The scene evolved out of a sequence of grim events which evoked some disturbing and haunting but real memories which Fleabag has been trying to avoid. She finally caves in to those unpleasant memories and lets out an uncontrollable emotional outburst which takes the series to its peak.

The portrayal and the execution of this effusion feels very real and articulated. Not to forget, the minute pinches of comedy which is although quite subtle really serves to jostle you out of the gripping clutches of seriousness. As an afterthought, after watching a few scenes again the composition of the shots and scenes makes it a pleasant watch to imbue the moods.

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This series is totally binge-worthy and in my opinion it felt as if the series goes the extra mile of not just expressing depression but also aiming at a kind of education.

Author: Subhangkar Das

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