Gilbert is a hero on the battlefield, even though the chances are against him. His story gives hope to the American cause. Franklin is getting ready to use his marketing machine now that he has a smuggled printing press and a new goal. But there is a snake in the nest—a traitor who is planning to bring Franklin down. Can the strength of the United States change France’s mind? Before it’s too late, will Chaumont find the spy? What will Temple do when he finds out the truth about his son? Here’s the “Franklin” episode 4 preview that covers everything you need to know.

What happened in Franklin episode 3?

  • Suffers a seemingly fatal injury fighting alongside the Americans.
  • Vergennes blames Franklin for sending Gilbert into harm’s way.
  • Turns out he’s alive and well, promoted to General, and sends a letter home.
  • Receives a scolding from Gerard about Gilbert’s death and the printing press’s destruction.
  • Must use Gilbert’s death to promote the France-America alliance.
  • Lacks a printing press to publish Gilbert’s heroic letter.
  • Devastated by the British taking Philadelphia.
  • Gets a printing press smuggled in by Bancroft and uplifted by the American victory at Saratoga.
  • Prints propaganda with Gilbert as the hero, unaware of Bancroft’s betrayal.
  • Blames Franklin for his son’s supposed death and inaction.
  • Wants Franklin to publish Gilbert’s letter but lacks the means.
  • Learn the British confiscated their ships.
  • Suspect a spy among them and inform Franklin (excluding the spy part).

Where can I stream Franklin Episode 4?

You can stream “Franklin” episode 4 on Apple TV+.

Release date & time:

The release date of “Franklin” episode 4 is April 19, 2024. The release time is unknown, but it will be released on the usual Apple TV time.

What to expect from Franklin Episode 4?

You can expect the following from “Franklin” episode 4:

  • Now that Gilbert is living and a General, we’ll probably see him more.
  • How will Temple and the world see the war after he comes back?
  • How will Franklin use Gilbert’s story to spread his message?
  • Franklin might try harder to change people’s minds now that he has a new printing press that was brought in illegally.
  • What kind of propaganda will he make to boost the partnership between France and the United States?

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