War and love get mixed up in “Franklin” episode 7, which makes things more tense. Will Vergennes, France’s new first minister, prioritize helping the United States fight for freedom, or will he use his power to play political games? Franklin, who is always thinking ahead, negotiates to get America the resources it needs.

While this is going on, Temple’s defiance causes problems with his friends. Will he go his own way or accept the call to arms? Back in Paris, Cunegonde is struggling with a marriage proposal that makes her heart want to be with someone else. As loyalties are put to the test and fates play out, don’t miss a second of the action. Here’s the “Franklin” episode 7 preview that covers everything you need to know.

What happened in Franklin Episode 6?

  • Franklin met Wentworth with a body double because he thought there might be a trap.
  • He tells Bancroft that he only trusts him and won’t tell anyone else who is working for him.
  • Chaumont tries to get Franklin to pay back the money that the American cause owes him.
  • Adams gets a letter from Congress that wants to start peace talks with Britain.
  • Adams is fooled by the peace deal, Franklin tells him. America needs to be free.
  • Bancroft says that Adams and Franklin should fight with each other.
  • Franklin joins Gilbert and his men to help the US win the war.
  • Vergennes makes fun of their small army and their plan to attack England.
  • Temple gets drunk and goes on a stag hunt with Jacques at his home.
  • After Jacques treated Odette badly, he hit Jacques and then slept with Odette.
  • Adams wants to start peace talks with Vergennes, but Vergennes doesn’t like that the US wants to do it without France.
  • Adams is too proud, so he is kicked out of Vergennes’ office and Chaumont’s home.
  • When Vergennes finds out what Wentworth is doing, he plans to use him.
  • Vergennes is warned by Lenoir that hurting Franklin could hurt French interests.
  • To get ahead politically, Colonel d’Illins wants to marry Cunegonde, which makes her angry.
  • The plan by Maurepas and Necker is to blame Vergennes for the costs of the war.
  • Being able to become the first minister is now possible because Maurepas has died.
  • Vergennes offers Franklin money to help keep the war effort going.
  • Franklin turns down a truce and asks France for ships, frigates, and troops.
  • Temple finds out that the French are sailing to Virginia, but he doesn’t want to help Franklin.

Where can I stream Franklin Episode 7?

You can stream “Franklin” episode 7 on Apple TV+.

Release date & time:

The release date of “Franklin” episode 7 is May 10, 2024. The release time is unknown, but it will be released on the usual Apple TV time.

What to expect from Franklin Episode 7?

You can expect the following from “Franklin” episode 7:

  • The episode could go into more detail about how France helped the American war effort.
  • We could see Vergennes getting the king’s OK and possibly talking with Franklin about getting more help.
  • Franklin will probably keep pushing for full American independence and may turn down any deals that don’t go far enough.
  • He might be planning with his friends how to best use the 6 million livres that were offered to him.
  • Temple’s decision not to help win the war in Virginia could make Franklin and his friends angry.
  • He might go off on his own, possibly getting back in touch with his grandfather or following his feelings for Odette.

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