The South Korean show “Frankly Speaking” will make you laugh and cry in a way you’ve never seen before. It looks like a nice change from other K-dramas. Featuring a mix of comedy, romance, and melodrama, the show takes viewers on an interesting trip for those looking for a fun escape. 

Get ready to be entertained by the funny situations, shocking turns, and growing love story between a man who can’t stop talking and a woman who sees a chance in the fact that he is honest. The show “Frankly Speaking” will make you laugh and want more.

Frankly Speaking Cast & Characters Explained:

Go Kyung-pyo as Song Ki-baek

Song Ki-baek, our main character, is a 33-year-old radio host whose life seems perfect. However, his carefully planned image falls apart when he gets a strange illness: he can’t stop saying what’s on his mind without any filters or restrictions! Famous for his parts in “Reply 1988” and “Cross,” Go Kyung-pyo brings his comedic timing and charm to this hilarious character.

Kang Han-na as On Woo-ju

Ambitious and willing to take risks, On Woo-ju writes for a comedy show for a living. When she hears about Ki-baek’s situation, she thinks of a great way to start a new show. Ki-baek is impulsive, but Woo-ju is driven and clever, making them a great pair. The actress Kang Han-na, who was great in “Start-Up” and “Hi Bye, Mama!,” plays this exciting part.

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Joo Jong-hyuk as Kim Jung-heon

Kim Jung-heon, a famous person who used to date Woo-ju and was Ki-baek’s roommate in high school, adds a romantic twist to the story. This attractive ex-boyfriend gets in the way of Woo-ju and Ki-baek’s surprise relationship, making a love triangle that could be funny. With Joo Jong-hyuk, who you may know from “Hospital Playlist” and “Taxi Driver,” the group gets even bigger.

Lee Jin-hyuk as Song Poong-baek

Lee Jin-hyuk plays Song Poong-baek, Ki-baek’s younger brother, and rounds out the main group. Details about his part are still being kept secret, but it’s likely that his presence adds a family dynamic to the story. The show stars Lee Jin-hyuk, who is in the K-pop group UP10TION, in his first role as an actor.


“Frankly Speaking” is about Ki-baek and Woo-ju, who don’t seem to go together at all. Ki-baek’s life is a mess because he is too honest, and Woo-ju wants to make money off of it by making a reality show. Because they have to work together, Ki-baek’s unvarnished thoughts and Woo-ju’s clever plans often clash, which is very funny. As the show goes on, romance grows in the middle of all the comedy, causing both characters to face how they really feel.

Release Date & Time

The release date of “Frankly Speaking” is Wednesday, May 1st, 2024. The series will air in South Korea on JTBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:50 PM KST, but for international viewers, Netflix will be your one-stop shop for catching all the episodes.

Where to watch “Frankly Speaking”?

You can watch globally on Netflix

Episodes Listing

Right now, there is no information available regarding the episode names.

Watch the trailer here

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