One of the most successful films in the Girl In genre produced by Lifetime, Girl in the Video, where the cast is led by Cush Jumbo, is the most recent installment in the series. Other films in the series include Girl in the Closet, Girl in Rom 13, Girl in the Basement, Girl in the Shed, Girl in the Box, and Girl in the Bunker.

A nightmare that every mother fears. This is the descent of a daughter into darkness. In the shadows of the internet, there is a frantic race against the odds against time. Plunge into the horrific world of Girl in the Video, where the borders between truth and exploitation blur, and where the love of a mother becomes the most powerful weapon.

A teenage girl disappears after sneaking out to meet the boy she’s been secretly chatting with online. Her mother soon races against time to save her when she finds out that she’s being held captive and exploited for livestreams on the dark web. In this article, you will find all the details about the Girl in the Video. Get to know the cast and characters along with the release date, plot, and all the other details.

Girl in the Video Cast & Characters

The cast of Girl in the Video is as follows:

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté
  • Cush Jumbo – Mo
  • Matthew Marsden – Agent Ray Fry
  • Andrew Lee Potts – Jack Sweeney
  • Wendy Glenn – Lt. Audrey Brennan
  • Gráinne Good – Luna
  • Tia May Watts – Krissy
  • Amaree Ali – Robbie Meyer
  • Kristopher Bosch – Fred Weaver
  • Alicia Charles – Jennifer
  • Jennifer Aries – Principal Higgins


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The film shows the story of Mo, a mother who has lost her husband and is attempting to raise her children who are now young adults. When her daughter Krissy is in high school, she begins a covert internet conversation with a young man whom she considers to be a charming individual. 

After sneaking out of the house to meet him at a party one evening, Krissy disappears without a trace. Mo begins on a frantic hunt for Krissy, and she quickly learns that she is being held captive and exploited in sexually abusive live streams that are broadcast on the dark web. Mo is in a race against the clock to locate Krissy and get her back to your house before it is too late.

Girl in the Video Release Date and Time

The release date of Girl in the Video is Saturday, January 13, 2024, at 8/7c. 

Where to Watch Girl in the Video?

You can watch Girl in the Video on Lifetime.

Watch the trailer here

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