Gold Brick is a movie from France that is all about a person who works in a factory and decides to steal some luxury perfumes from there. The main character’s name is Daniel Sauveur, and he is not very happy with his job. So, he comes up with a plan to get back at his employer and make some money for himself. He convinces his colleagues to help him steal some of the perfumes, and together, they want to bring down the powerful people who run the factory. The whole idea of this plot makes one question if Gold Brick is based on a true story or if it is truly fiction.

What is the movie about?

Daniel Sauveur is a man who lives in Chartres, a city where the Breuil family is very powerful. The Breuil family owns a major perfume group and they have been ruling the city for generations. Daniel is not wealthy and he doesn’t like the way the Breuil family flaunts their wealth. He often gets into petty schemes to get by.

One day, Daniel’s childhood friend comes up with a business project. They want to start their own perfume company, but the Breuil family sabotages their project. Daniel is furious, and he decides to get revenge on the Breuil family. He gets a job at the Breuil family’s factory and he convinces his colleagues to steal a portion of the stock. He plans to sell the stock and use the money to bring down the Breuil family.

Is Gold Brick Based on a True Story?

Now, here’s the big question: Is Gold Brick based on a true story? Well, the answer is no. Gold Brick is not a true story. It’s actually a fictional story created by a talented writer and director named Jérémie Rozan. The film has been praised for its dark humor, its surreal and unpredictable plot, and its performances. It has also been compared to films like The Big Lebowski, Adaptation, and Inherent Vice.

The Confusion with True Crime Tales:

But why do some people think Gold Brick is a true story? Well, it might be because there were some real-life events in France where perfumes were stolen from factories and trucks. It happened a few years ago, and it was all over the news. People might be mixing up those events with the story in Gold Brick. Sometimes, real events can inspire filmmakers to create exciting movies, even if the movies themselves are not exactly true stories.

The Similarity with a Recycling Plant:

Oh, here’s something interesting! In Gold Brick, the name of the perfume factory is called Breuil & Sons. Did you know that there’s actually a real recycling plant in France called “Ets Breuil & Fils”? It’s not the same as the one in the movie, but the names are quite similar. 

To wrap things up, Gold Brick is a fantastic movie that you can enjoy on Netflix. It’s full of action, humor, and suspense. But remember, it’s not based on a true story. It’s a creative work of fiction made by a talented filmmaker.

Is ‘Gold Brick’ available to stream on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime Video?

Gold Brick is a Netflix original film. So, if you have a Netflix subscription, you should be able to watch it for free. 

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