The official trailer for Season 3 of the well-received Brazilian crime, drama, and mystery TV series “Good Morning, Veronica” has been released, and fans can’t hold back their excitement for yet another rollercoaster ride of emotions. This season carries on the story of the police clerk looking into unresolved instances involving women who were abused. Hints of new characters and plot twists can be seen in the trailer. Let’s explore further its cast & characters, Release date, Plot, and where you can watch it.

Good Morning, Verônica Season 3 Cast & Characters Explained

Tainá Müller as Verônica Torres

Well-known for “Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within” (2010), “Good Morning, Verônica” (2020), and “Cão Sem Dono” (2007), Tainá takes up the lead role of Verônica in the series.

Adriano Garib as Victor Prata

Adriano Garib is an actor popularly known for “Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within” (2010), “Brave Woman” (2012), and “Getúlio” (2014). He plays the character of Victor Prata.

César Mello as Paulo

Famous for “A Glória e a Graça” (2017), “Dr. Gama” (2021), and “O Sequestro do Voo 375” (2023), César Mello steps into the role of Paulo.

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Alice Valverde as Lila

Alice Valverde is an actress from “Good Morning, Verônica” (2020). She plays the part of Lila in the series.

DJ Amorim as Rafa

Known for “Good Morning, Verônica” (2020), “Impuros” (2018), and “Renascidos – Novo Coração” (2019), DJ Amorim steps into the character of Rafa.

Reynaldo Gianecchini as Matias Cordeiro

Reynaldo Gianecchini is an actor and producer popularly known for “Belíssima” (2005), “Shades of Sin” (2004), and “Family Ties” (2000). He plays the role of Matias Cordeiro.

Klara Castanho as Ângela Cordeiro

Klara Castanho is an actress known for “Trail of Lies” (2013), “Seize the Day” (2009), and “Morde & Assopra” (2011). She plays the character of  Ângela Cordeiro.

Johnnas Oliva as Lima

Well-known for “Tenha Um Ótimo Dia” (2018), “Comer e Ir Embora” (2012), and “Burning Hearts” (2016), Johnnas Oliva takes up the role of Lima.

Camila Márdila as Gisele Cordeiro

Camila Márdila is an actress popularly known for “A Mother’s Love” (2019-20), “Charcoal” (2022), and “Above Justice” (2016). She assumes the character of Gisele Cordeiro in the series.

Ester Dias as Glória

Ester Dias is an actress popular for “Good Morning, Verônica” (2020), “Tudo Por Um Pop Star 2,” and “Um Casal Inseparável” (2021). She plays the character of Glória.

Liza Del Dala as Carol

Popular for “Good Morning, Verônica” (2020), “Elas por Elas” (2023), and “Pantanal” (2022), Liza Del Dala steps into the character of Carol in the series.

‘Good Morning, Verônica Season 3’ Release Date

The release date for “Good Morning, Verônica” Season 3 is February 14, 2024.

‘Good Morning, Verônica Season 3’ Plot

The storyline of season 3 of “Good Morning, Verônica” centers on Verônica’s quest for justice and her exploration of the orphanage where Brandão and Matias were raised. Doúm is introduced in this season and also follows Verônica as she seeks justice. They form an unlikely alliance and discover her background. Verônica, however, finds herself in a race against time, risking everything in a perilous chase from which she might not survive when the mafia puts her family in jeopardy. Verônica’s zeal for justice and the truth will be at the center of this season, which looks to be a compelling and gritty continuation of the show.

Where to watch ‘Good Morning, Verônica Season 3’?

The third season of “Good Morning, Veronica” will be available for streaming on Netflix.

Watch the Trailer Here

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