Good Trouble Season 5, Part 1 went through a lot of different emotions as we all followed the characters through their complicated lives.

The season had a lot of ups and downs, from the shocking beginning where Evan’s life is in danger to Mariana’s constant search for hope despite her broken relationship. Evan comes back without remembering Mariana, and the effects of their tense relationship on each other become a main theme. With personal problems and shocking betrayals, along with the fast-paced action of Speckulate, this season is sure to be explosive. 

We break down the most important events that happened in this Good Trouble Season 5, Part 1 recap. We look at how the characters changed, how they formed surprising alliances, and the dramatic ending that brought Mariana face-to-face with her haunting past. 

As we try to figure out how the season ended, the danger of Silas and Mariana’s world falling apart set the tone for Part 2, which we can’t wait for.

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Good Trouble Season 5 Part 1 Recap:

What happened in Season 5 so far?

  • Evan, who likes Mariana, is shot at a cult farm.
  • Mariana unwillingly takes over as acting CEO of Spekulate.
  • Isabella takes their child, and Gael goes after her.
  • Alice deals with problems at work, and Mariana has to deal with mental problems.
  • Evan lives, but he is in a coma and Mariana is taking care of him.
  • Mariana is having a hard time with being Spekulate’s new CEO.
  • Dennis looks into other ways to make money for his food truck, which is having trouble.
  • Luca has problems at the dance school, which makes him feel less confident.
  • Davia isn’t sure if she should take on the lead part in a musical.
  • Tensions and layoffs at work make things even more complicated.
  • Stef and Lena help Mariana in very important ways.
  • Evan gets better, but he loses his memory, which makes things more difficult.
  • Alice has to deal with problems at work and in her home.
  • Gael gets used to having Jazmin and Spencer as co-parents.
  • As Joaquin looks for justice for a past crime, Malika gets back in touch with old friends.
  • Thanksgiving brings together a lot of different people, each with their own problems.
  • Callie deals with issues of engagement, and personal problems come to the surface.
  • Dennis talks about his business, and Stef worries that the dinner will be too crowded.
  • Gael has problems as a co-parent, and Alice’s family relationships change.
  • Mariana is having a hard time at work, and Malika is taking care of problems in her neighborhood.
  • Evan’s memory problems change how Spekulate works.
  • Mariana faces challenges as CEO, fighting layoffs and delivering a powerful speech.
  • Malika’s efforts for community change face obstacles.
  • Luca and Riley’s dance-off leads to a romantic connection.
  • The restaurant opens, but Dennis faces financial issues, and Isaac’s return adds complexity.
  • Mariana grapples with Evan’s return, BB issues, and personal breakdowns.
  • Gael and Luca plan street art after the city paints over Gael’s mural.
  • Mariana’s anxiety intensifies as she copes with Evan’s return.
  • Joaquin’s rejection worsens Mariana’s emotional state.
  • Isaac moves into the Coterie, and Davia faces complications.
  • Dennis confronts financial issues, and Joaquin blames himself for tragedy.
  • Mariana experiences panic attacks and flashbacks with Silas’s unsettling presence.
  • Gael gets arrested during a street art project with Luca.
  • Mariana grapples with panic attacks, flashbacks, and Silas’s disturbing presence.
  • Dennis faces financial setbacks, and Joaquin blames himself for a tragic event.
  • The group collectively navigates personal and professional challenges.
  • Mariana’s breakdown deepens with Silas’s unsettling presence.

Good Trouble Season 5, Part 1 Ending Explained:

When Mariana returns to her room in the final moments of Good Trouble Season 5 part 1, she finds Silas waiting for her, completely taken by surprise. The scenario creates a gloomy tone for the upcoming portion of the season and makes Mariana fear for her safety due to Silas’s disturbing past and menacing presence.

At the beginning of the season, the shocking incident occurred when Evan was shot while attempting to protect Mariana at the Farm. Even though he pulled through, Evan stayed in a coma and would wake up forgetting Mariana. Evan shows no indications of remembering his history with Mariana as he goes back to work at Speckulate in the season finale. Mariana, played by Cierra Ramirez, seems to have been trying to escape the fact that Evan might never regain his memories.

Feeling guilty for Evan’s predicament, Mariana clings to optimism and is resolute in her mission to assist him at Speckulate. Mariana hopes that Evan will recall their shared past in the future, but Cierra Ramirez suggests that Mariana is afraid to face the reality that Evan may never remember anything. The mental and emotional toll on Mariana grows as the season goes on, and we see her struggle to accept the possibility that Evan’s memory may never come back.

Mariana and Joaquin almost kiss in a pivotal scene, but they don’t actually do it. After this, Mariana bolts and returns to the Coterie in a flash. The unanticipated turns in Mariana’s life have left her in a condition of disarray, as Cierra Ramirez elucidates. For Mariana, the kiss’s rejection or avoidance is the final straw, compounding her feelings of rejection and helplessness.

The revelation of Silas in Mariana’s room and the unresolved dynamics in her personal life set the stage for the upcoming episodes, promising more challenges and emotional turmoil for Mariana in the continuation of Good Trouble Season 5.

What to expect from Season 5, Part 2?

Expectations for Good Trouble Season 5, Part 2:

  • Mariana’s stress reaches a breaking point, suggesting further challenges for her character.
  • The emotional toll of Evan’s memory loss and other life complications may continue to impact Mariana’s mental well-being.
  • Malika’s welcoming of Isaac to the Coterie hints at potential developments in their relationship.
  • Isaac’s presence may bring both support and new challenges to the Coterie community.
  • Dennis faces the aftermath of Ranjit’s betrayal, leading to potential repercussions in his personal and professional life.
  • Collaboration between Davia and Alice indicates efforts to navigate and address the fallout from Dennis’s situation.
  • Opening night at Haven promises chaos in the kitchen, likely resulting from unexpected dinner guests.
  • The challenges faced during the restaurant’s opening may have a significant impact on characters’ personal and professional lives.
  • Mariana and Evan are expected to continue butting heads over control of Spekulate.
  • The dynamics of their professional relationship may add complexity to their personal connection.
  • Gael welcomes a new studio tenant, suggesting potential changes or complications in his artistic and personal life.
  • Davia copes with insecurities as a talented understudy joins the musical.
  • The exploration of Davia’s personal and professional growth may unfold through her experiences in the musical.

Will Good Trouble return for Season 6?

Good Trouble will not return for season 6. Freeform executives, spearheaded by Simran Sethi, the Executive VP of Programming and Content Strategy, expressed interest in reviving both Good Trouble and Cruel Summer. However, the decision to proceed was hindered by the shows’ ratings, which failed to substantiate the associated expenses. This became particularly pertinent as Disney aimed to trim costs by an additional $2 billion. Additionally, given that a significant portion of the audience consumes the network’s content on Hulu, the financial feasibility of the revival was further called into question.

Where to watch Good Trouble?

You can watch Good Trouble on Freeform, Hulu, or on Fubo TV.

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