If you watched the Hallmark Channel movie “Field Day” recently and were wondering where it was filmed, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to describe to you the beautiful places where the movie “Field Day” was filmed. It is about three moms who go on a wonderful journey to plan a memorable Field Day for their kids at Rock Oak School.

What is the movie about?

‘Field Day’ is a funny movie about three moms, Jen, Marissa, and Kelly, who come from different backgrounds. They team up to plan a special day for their kids at school. But it’s not easy because they face lots of problems, like an unhelpful head of the PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization). Jen, one of the moms, is new in town and struggling because her husband passed away. Luckily, she finds a good friend in Dan, the school’s PE teacher.

As time goes on, Jen, Marissa, and Kelly become close friends and make sure their kids have a great time on the field trip they planned. Most of the story happens at a school called Rock Oak School, where the field trip takes place, and something special grows between Jen and Dan.

Where was the Field Day shot?: Filming Locations 

Vancouver, British Columbia: The Cinematic Backdrop

The beautiful scenery of Vancouver, British Columbia, is used as a setting for “Field Day.” It is known as “Hollywood North,” and it is a city in Canada’s Lower Mainland area of British Columbia. Its beautiful scenery makes it a great place for many film productions.

Landscapes That Can Be Used for Many Movie Scenes: Vancouver has a wide range of landscapes, from lush woods to busy cityscapes, that can be used for many movie scenes. There are a lot of skilled and experienced team members in the city who know a lot about making movies. 

The Fictional Rock Oak School

In ‘Field Day,’ the fictional Rock Oak School is a pivotal location where most of the story unfolds. The production team transformed various areas in and around Vancouver to bring this school to life.

Exterior Scenes

A well-known building in Vancouver was used to show the outside of the Rock Oak School by the production team. Putting a “Rock Oak School” sign on the building was a smart way to make the audience feel like they were really in the movie.

Indoor Scenes

An indoor sound stage at one of Vancouver’s film studios was used for the shots that took place inside. Because of this choice, there was more control over the shooting set, so the scenes that took place inside were just as interesting as those that took place outside.

‘Field Day’ began shooting on November 17, 2022, and went on for about three weeks. They were done with the main filming by the first week of December of that year. During this time, Vancouver’s charm was shown in every scene, which made the movie even more appealing. The “Field Day” film crew went through many streets and neighborhoods in Vancouver to show how beautiful and diverse the city is. This not only made the movie look better, but it also let people feel what Vancouver is really like.

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