Has ‘Accused’ been renewed for season 2? Here’s what we know!

Accused Season 2

Will there be an ‘Accused’ Season 2?: Accused is the American version of the British show of the same name produced by Fox. While the format of the show is the same, there are notable cultural and thematic changes to make the show compelling for the American audience. Accused is a crime drama that features the central protagonist, the “accused,” and the story behind how they got into that position. More often than not, the show manages to surprise us with its depth and twist endings, especially in the first half of the season. The reaction to season 1 of Accused has been polarizing till now, given how boldly the writers have distinguished and marked their content.

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The show has completed its run of 15 episodes in season 1 as of last Tuesday. In this piece, we discuss the renewal/cancellation status of the show. Being a thoroughbred network show, it is often tricky to call whether or not another season will be greenlit. Here is what we know about a possible season 2 of Fox’s Accused.

What is ‘Accused’ Season 1 about?

Accused features an anthology format where each episode has a new case. It tells us the story of a new “accused” facing trial and the tribulations of their peers. Till now, various issues of contemporary relevance have been explored, including school shootings, youth mental health, the debate between adoption and abortion, moral challenges in surrogacy, and the delicate nature of race relations. 

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Has ‘Accused’ been renewed for Season 2?

Fox has renewed Accused for season 2 in their latest slew of renewals for the next year of streaming. Currently, the network has ordered a total of 15 episodes for season 1. Even though we thought that number was bound to change given how well the show has done, it remained the same. It is not uncommon for network shows to add episodes to a particular season unevenly. So Help Me Todd on CBS has run for almost four months and is yet to complete its maiden season. The episodes do not even stream weekly anymore, and CBS keeps dropping new episodes without too much notice.

Accused perhaps did not adhere to a similar pattern until now. There have been no indications of change in the number of episodes. For now, it is unclear if Accused has been given a full season pick-up, which would mean that Accused season 2 would also have a total of 15 episodes.

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The news was communicated through Twitter, although an official press release with details about season 2 is still awaited. The show has been a solid performer for the network since its January premiere. Its debut episode ranks as television’s highest-rated drama debut in two years. Season-to-date, the show is averaging 7.5 million multi-platform viewers.

What can we expect from Accused Season 2?

Season 1 of Accused ended with its final episode, “Billy’s Story”, and brought the father-son circle that started with the first episode to a just end. Howard Gordon, the showrunner for Accused, was at hand to answer questions about the possible ideas for season 2 with Deadline. An excerpt for your reference has been reproduced below.

“Totally. It’s so funny. [That’s] the great part of this. I have to say. Because I’ve been on series where I go, ‘Oh, God, the well is dry.’ Or, ‘We’re just beating the same drum.’ There’s so much here to do and more to do. And a couple of things I couldn’t figure out last year. There was one that I couldn’t make work last year that I think I cracked. So there are ones that I’m very excited about. We’re even talking about possibly changing some of the form, which is to say, some episodes may not be set in the present but actually may be set in the future or even in the past. So the time itself is as a character in the format.

We got to take some really big swings on a lot of fronts, both in terms of subject matter and in terms of people who directed and wrote the episodes. It was one of the benefits of being at this point in my life and in my career where I was able to take some chances. Both Sony and Fox supported it. It was great working with Billy Porter and Marlee Matlin and Tazbah Chavez and then some old stalwart colleagues who I’ve been working with over the years. So it was a great, great experience.”

Checkout the promo for the final episode here:

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